Thursday, 1 July 2010


The Pride of Northampton. This was a venture between the Council andWild in Art Work, with schools, businesses, local artists, groups and organisations. They 'adopted' a Lion and decorated it as they wished. I watched some of these being done, it was fascinating. I wished I could have done one myself, but not to be. They are now - all 40 of them - dotted around the town until 5th September for everyone to see. It is hoped they will bring lots of visitors to the town!!! Sadly one has already been vandalised by some moron with nothing better to do. I have taken pictures of the ones I saw on Tuesday, this is not all of them, I am hoping to buy the souvenir book which will have them all in it. Enjoy the pictures.
I have put larger pictures of the following as they are my favourites -this one is called
I watched the lady paint this one -
this is the one I made some crochet squares for -
[they didn't use them they are still on the floor of the shop!!]
JOSEPH - The Peoples Lion
Go on, laugh, everyone did when they saw the name of this one -
The Lion Cubs were all done by the schools of Northampton -
the white lion is up for grabs I think, I have got to find out about it
This one was done by Rebecca's school, it has photos of the children all over it,
plus their school motto's
I have a few to find yet, but aren't these great.
After their proud display they are going to be auctioned off for the local
Cynthia Spencer Hospice and the Born Free Foundation.


luv2quilt2 said...

Just wonderful. I would so love to see them.

jan said...

They are fabulous, life size too.

Angela said...

Absolutely fantastic - I love things like this! I loved the Cow Parade Cows a few years ago and even bought myself a 'Lowry Cow' (small one!!)
A Couple of years ago they had the SupaLambBananas in Liverpool which were just as exciting to see - there should be more of this type of think around the brighten up our towns and cities :o)

sheppeylass said...

DD3 and I have just spent a while looking at these pics and wondering how to make our own...project for her dad I think!
Fiona. :)

maggi said...

Fantastic Jan. Thanks for the pics. I think a trip to Northampton may be in order before it ends (and before any more get vandalised - what idiots!)

Reflections of life and art said...

Absolutely stunning...I'll bet they are breath taking in person! Thanks for sharing such lovely pics....the Lion Fish is my fave!!!