Monday, 29 June 2009


Fabulous give away from QUILT QUA

Not me folks - go to QUILT QUA


Win: 1 Frosted Memories Fat Quarter Bundle by Holly Taylor for Moda Fabrics !
To enter simply "tell a friend" to spread the word about Quilt Qua. You can send an e-mail to people, post on your blog, comment on someone else's blog, put info in your guild newsletter, etc. Then send an e-mail to: and let me know what you did. Enter as often as you wish. Random drawing for the winner will be at 10 pm July 31st.

(Feel free to post giveaway info on your site)


I have finished one of the Soldier Quilts, bar the binding, which I will do tomorrow. I then started the Batik Quilt on the back of the door from the hanger. That is fairly small so it wont take long depending on the pattern I choose to do on it. Reason I got on so well?

Hubby is doing my house sitting stint for me. Due to the fact my stupid toe is still playing up, am now wondering if it may be broken!! ho hum!!! He said he would do it because of the stairs. We live in a bungalow so have no stairs, I am none too good with stairs at the best of times, poor old soul, and with a gammy toe, am even worse. Anyway, he is doing it as I said so I am able to sew for longer than I normally do without him saying its time to pack away. hahahaha if only he knew!!!!

These cards came for me yesterday from Leah, three at once, great stuff. Thanks Leah.

This one was for a swap I set up to use your scraps only on a Postcard -
I called it SPEEDY,
these were leftovers Leah had from a Baby Quilt she made years ago.
Her son said it needed something to make it 'look cool' so she added the 'bling'...

I also set up this swap in the Technique file,
I have to admit - I hate the darn things, but it was a technique to learn,
these are Leah's first ever Yoyo's, great aren't they...

This card is from the
PAW # 53 - word - Question
Great card Leah, love that question mark,
I wonder what the question was :-) ...


Sunday, 28 June 2009


and yet more
I was sitting at my sewing table, as you do,
when I turned round to look for something, and saw...

Quilting a Soldier Quilt at the moment

to my left, on my boards - QUILTS...

Sunbonnet Sue and a Teacup Quilt ready for tacking or pinning

on my cutting table behind me - QUILTS...

My Singing Garden Quilt tacked up ready for quilting

hanging on the back of the door, what have we here - QUILTS...

Soldier Quilt on the front strippy style aka Mary and a 'T' Quilt

how many?
one behind the other...

blue to be a Soldier Quilt

and again...

Purple to be a Soldier Quilt

and again...

My Batik Square swap Quilt from Popular Patchwork forum girls

and again...

Pinwheel small wall hanging to quilt

and again...

Houses Quilt Irish Chain style waiting

and again...

My Amish style poly cotton fabric Quilt nearly finished

in the hall - QUILTS...

another Soldier Quilt waiting

hanging from the cupboard door handle - QUILTS...

and another Soldier Quilt waiting

oh my!!!!

I best pull my finger out don't you think...


I have sorted out what I am donating to the 'PINK' at last. I have emailed them and hope I have done it properly. Not sure what to do now. Help!!!
Do I put a picture on here of what I am donating?

Saturday, 27 June 2009


Jackie's is the place to go for a truly wonderful give away.
I have never known such generosity on this scale, particularly when you find out
it is her birthday.
Her Birthday
yet she is giving four wonderful gifts away.
You best be quick though I have only just discovered it thanks to Janice.
Look what you could win.....






Thursday, 25 June 2009



I have been so unlucky with my post of late. A lady I was swapping cards with, asked me if I had received her card yet? Well luckily I had had a bumper mail day today, several cards dropped through the door, with varying dates on. I am not impressed with the postal service I am getting at the moment. My postie searched for mail for me, these cards were all he could find.

I am missing my Popular Patchwork Magazine, I subscribe to that and haven't received it yet, it is in the shops now too, so I am none to happy.

My book for the Quilt I wish to make STILL hasn't arrived, I may give up on that group, just

make the quilt myself. My friend Pat has the book and said I can loan hers if I get stuck. Thanks Pat.

I ordered some fabric and bits and pieces from EBay at the beginning of the week and was informed they are on their way....still waiting!!

So you see, I am not happy at the moment. I cant get into any sewing as there always seems to be something cropping up. Today I pinned the first of my Soldier Quilts ready to be quilted. I am house sitting for Suzanne at the weekend so I guess that means no sewing done again. Hubby has suggested he go and do it instead of me, I just cant see him sorting the cats out though somehow!!!



You have to go here.....

to read about the Quilts Roberta has received for the Children.
Just look at all of them.
well done to everyone who has made one - or more - so far

Although Roberta emailed me to say ours had arrived I cant seem to see them in this pile....yet

Annette has spotted ours in these piles and pointed them out to me,
they are definitely there.

Wednesday, 24 June 2009


Have you noticed as you go round reading all your Blogs of late, there appears to be a firm set of Followers appearing on everyones Blog.
The same names are popping up time and again, isn't it just great, this means we are all linked together through this wonderful contraption - a computer - those of the Followers, who aren't following yourself, you go and read of course and then you become their follower and so the link widens.
Such a really clever thing this World Wide Web.
I know in the past I have lost -- sadly -- some Followers, for one reason or another, but it is lovely to be able to keep up with them regardless of them being my Followers or not.

I am learning so much from reading the Blogs and finding loads of free things and wonderful information, fabulous pictures, so many, you could spend a life time just looking at them of course.

So here is a BIG THANK YOU to all you Bloggers out there, for sharing all your work with me and the Whole Wide World.


For my little fun competition the winners are...

Maggi and Ros

The Helmet is of course Valentino Rossi
and the cost of it was - exorbitant shall I say!

You were both close to the cost so I had to have a tie of course, a prize is winging it's way to you both, or at least, Maggi, yours will be as soon as you send me your address, I don't appear to have it. Thought I did. It is only something very small, hope you both like it. Links with this.

Tuesday, 23 June 2009


More pictures of gifts we had
these were the lovely cards we received...

Annette bought us a cake, not been eaten yet...

close up, looks yummy...

this is the lovely table cloth Annette and Rebecca bought us...

the garden clock/thermometer also form A and R,
it turns round gently in the breeze...

Suzanne had done a day for the Be Healthy stand all day,
she bought me this little ted from the Breast Cancer Appeal,
Smart hat!!

I bought hubby a greenhouse, it is only one of those plastic types,
but if he takes to it, we can get a proper one,
we had to build it...
all those bits!!!

but it didn't take long...

and bingo, there it is in situ...


already being stocked...

That should keep him out of - oops - strike that;
That should keep him nice and occupied, growing lots of goodies for us all.
hee hee hee hee

Sunday, 21 June 2009


These are the two blocks I originally planned for the Group to make,
I soon realised they would have trouble with the one on the left,

I altered it ever so slightly, problem solved...

As you can see, they liked the simple block, it is known as
9 patch variation but I called it the Sweet block...

When the second block was made, I played with the layout
with the finished ones and this appeared...

My new lady Bridget, who is totally new to patchwork,
managed to make this block, when I point out to you
the blue fabric was linen and the red a kind of stretchy stuff,
you will realise she did very well to get it done;
she bought some 100% cottons at the end of the day...

These fabrics have been donated by MAKOWER UK
for the Soldier Quilts...
Many thanks MAKOWER

These blocks were donated by a lady who went into the Poppy Patch shop
and gave them in to be used in a Soldier Quilt,
many thanks to you

three more donated blocks from the shop by unknown person;
thank you to you


These very green blocks will be turned into a quilt by me for the
Quilt Set's Charity Raffle this year, someone at the group will win it,
ALL the money collected goes to the Charity chosen,
What a lot of blocks were made by the group...


These three blocks were donated for the Soldier Quilts by 3 members of my group.

Without meaning to sound ungrateful, I have to say I was very upset at the response from my group for these, I really expected more from them after explaining what we were doing.
So many blocks and finished quilts had been donated from other groups, after they heard about it
- from our group -
I was totally gobsmacked at only receiving three blocks.
Am I asking too much?

At the end of the day, some of the ladies came to me and said they were going to make some blocks for the cause.....they will be well received.

I don't have the pictures yet of the Showtime stuff, they are
on my daughter's camera,
I will update this when I get her camera


21 JUNE 1969

Pete's Dad and Mum Best Man John Pete Me Bridesmaid Jenny My Mum and StepDad

21 JUNE 2009

from Annette and Rebecca-
this is where we would love to live...

close up,
it is the Lighthouse at Old Hunstanton
made by Annette of course...

Lovely bottle of wine from A and R;
we also got a super new tablecloth which I had asked for...

Got Pete to move the Bench so we could mount the Clock
Annette and Rebcca bought us, much better in this position...

it was here -
this is where Pete's Greenhouse I bought him is going now...

we all went for a meal -
Rebecca loved her pudding...

all gone...

Champagne from Suzanne and Richard...

A beautiful Floribunda Rose from Suzanne and Richard
it is called RUBY
the scent is to die for...


Thank you for a lovely day and wonderful gifts,
Mum and Dad