Tuesday, 31 March 2009


Here I am then, back, like a bad penny as the saying goes!! Thank you for the comments left by you lovely ladies in the previous post, appreciate them.
Just look at what was waiting for my return...... Lots of lovely squishies.
I have entered another wonderful swap on Popular Patchwork Forum. This is a FRIENDSHIP BLOCK SWAP, there are 14 of us and we each can choose what we would like the others to send by way of the swap. I have chosen AMISH style and the theme SQUARES... I have requested that NO Yellow or White or even Black be used and that only PLAIN fabric be used...
Here are the first three I have received...

What a wonderful first block I opened from Alison, she put a note in that I could turn the centre squares if I chose to, no way, I have very happy with the way they are Alison, Many thanks to you...

My next block I opened was from Ros, A Friendship Star no less... Ros asked me if there are enough squares for me!! hahaha, it is just great Ros, thank you. She also said she found it difficult NOT being able to use Yellow!! and all those points!! Great job Ros, I love it.


The third squishy I opened contained this one from Tessa, she informs me this is called 'Corner 9 Patch signature' As I didn't wish the ladies to sign their blocks, she removed the signature part and put a star in its place, how neat is that? In the picture it is showing almost white, its not it is beige, many thanks to you Tessa, another great block.


Just a note about the signatures. I opted for the ladies NOT to sign the blocks as I will be putting all their names in the Quilting when I get all the blocks joined. I like to do it that way, I hope I didn't offend anyone by this choice!!!!! It was interesting to see how you all interpreted the Amish style, and sorry you didn't like just using Plains girls.

So there we are a really good start to my Friendship Quilt I think, don't you?


Also on the Popular Patchwork Forum, we have started a new Postcard Swap. This time there were so many folk sign up to it, Katy has made some of us 'list moms'. I am one such list mom! My group is Group 5, in it are; ROS - ANGELA - MARIAN - PAMELA - JANET

the first theme, chosen by Katy was

Here is the first card for our group, it is from Pamela to me...
Thank you so much Pam, great job, I love it.


Thursday, 26 March 2009


I am off for a few days House sitting for my daughter,
so the Blog will be quiet for a while.
Be back soon.


Cards gone to various people as swaps.



Hope they like them.


What great mail I have had so far this week....

that is his little Grand daughter isn't she sweet,
great idea Denny...

1-2-1 #39 from Sharon Z
great card I love it, a lot of work on this....

I just love Daffy's so am thrilled with this card...

Isn't this brilliant, Lori you make me
fabulous cards, many thanks me dear...

BOOKS from Jo H on the Popular Patchwork Forum,
look closely, I think there is a cat on the shelf
thanks Jo...

I am so lucky to keep receiving this wonderful works of art, cos that is what they all are. I love getting them as much as I love making them. Thank you everyone who sent these to me. :-)


I have, all day mark you, been covering the folders that contain all my magazines. I truly didn't realise I had quite that many!!!! Oh well, they are all done now, all I have to do is to sort the magazines into them properly, label, and that's another job done off my list for a super dooper sewing room. I am slowly but surely getting there.


Wednesday, 25 March 2009


Today, I made a start on all the magazines I have accumulated.....OH DEAR....how many? They are all in those magazine files, but they are all different, and in my new tidy regime, this is not good. So I have been covering them, first I covered some with some nice green paper I had; after I had done 5 or 6, I decided I didn't like that at all. SO, guess what I have chosen to use instead? Bog standard Brown wrapping parcel paper, the dull side. It is just great. I like the look and am hoping I shall get the rest done tomorrow. I shall get them all labelled then take the photo so you can see how I have done them. I am wishing it were tomorrow now as I want to get on with them.
I see my friend Noel has started on her sewing room now, see it here Artfull Living maybe I have started a chain reaction. Hahahaha Good girl Noel. You know it makes sense. I wonder who will be finished first?

Tuesday, 24 March 2009


Started first one this evening. See Stop by with Di for why. Annette has almost finished her first one.


I have made this for Kim on the Forum,
[she will understand why when she gets it]...

Give it a good whack Kim. Think of WB as you do. :-)

Monday, 23 March 2009


My friend Elisabeth in Austria thought I had written a book. Sadly no...not yet anyway!!! Maybe I will one day who knows. I told her that I had been in print though. So here are the magazines to prove my moment[s] of fame. They are all German Magazines by the way.

24 Days to go - Designed and made by me for Makower
[I was thrilled to be on the front cover]

Come on, Let's Play - Designed and made by me for Makower
[and again on the front cover]

I was sent this next magazine as they had printed one of my quilts
on the Back Cover. [Haha]
I thought that was really nice of the Magazine to do that.

I think this Magazine was a kind of bumper bundle of favourite Quilts
and they printed my 24 Days to go quilt again.
So sent me a copy.

It was very exciting to be in print, hard to do, but great fun.


Every so often I have to stop sewing and tidy my sewing room. It is crazy. It is a waste of time. Cos each time I have to do it, it seems to get messy again, very quickly. I don't know why this is. Well. I am going to put a stop to this mess. I have been viewing other peoples sewing areas and have come up with a plan suggested on one of them.DON'T try to tidy the whole room on one day. You wont be able to do it successfully, it will look a mishmash when you do. This is true. So today I tackled the books. I am very pleased with the result. See what you think.








I am so pleased with this look. It was so easy to do.
You just put all the same coloured spines together.

Next I will do the Magazines.


Oops, I am a day late in posting the pictures..
I've been ogling my prezzies...
My cards..

Plant from Annette...

PLUS a Jelly Roll from Annette...

Daffie's from Suzanne and Richard...

PLUS Fat Quarters and New Ted from S and R...

Fabulous gifts girls, many, many thanks.

Of course I just had to play with the computer and the plants.
Look what happened when I pressed Negative...
Don't they look good?


Sunday, 22 March 2009


I had actually forgotten that SATURDAY was National Quilting Day! How did that happen, you ask? I cant explain why it slipped my mind, I know I spent 6 hours at my group with Quilters, so I guess that was a good thing. I wish I had taken my sewing machine with me though, because once I explained what we were doing, they were off, and, well I wont say running.... a steady trot would be the pace!!!!!

They were set two blocks to do, some of the ladies managed to get one done!!!!!!! What went wrong? Was the block too hard? Did I set them too much work? I hope next time we meet, it will be in May, some of them will have completed the blocks and made it into something.

Here are the two blocks I set them to do. What do you think? Too difficult? Surely not!

Block one...

Block two...

Placed together as a block of four...

Set as a block of nine to see the secondary pattern that appears
when the blocks are sewn together.
This will be going to my friend Tessa now for her to use
as a Linus Quilt. I am now making a larger version on this pattern
for the H4H Soldiers Quilts...

Oh well, I cant win them all I guess

Here is the SHOWTIME we had
you will see items from the previous meeting that are now finished....
This is a rare picture of me - [smiling too] -
cant remember at what though...

I just love this one...

Cute face...

whoops! Half a tree, how did that happen Rebecca...

Sorry again, it's me looking worried, cos I thought Rebecca had
taken the picture as I moved the Quilt...

She hadn't! This was made by Kate, [she has very poorly
hands does our Kate,] so she has done very well with this small Quilt...

A Cot Panel Quilted for a PDQ prezzie...

Marian's super place mats, she cut all those tiny squares out,
one by one...

This bag was made for Dee's husband to use when he goes to
craft fairs looking for bits for his hobby!!!
Can you guess what that hobby might be?
[I think it was Dee's]

Trying to hold onto a bear inside this cape, made by Rebecca on her
new sewing machine, gifted her by Pat...

Fabulous cushion - one of a pair - made by Sylvia,
just love this pattern and the colours...

Little story behind this; The magazine you see, was sent to Nigel to enter a competition it was to interpret one of the pictures using his choice of craft. Nigel is a Quilter, so he made the Quilt you see in close up, the next picture is of the whole Quilt he made. Nigel WON. The Artist now wishes to work with him on his next work. I am thrilled for Nigel as he is extremely talented. He will, I am sure, go far with his Quilting...

This is Nigel's winning Quilt...

So there we are, ending on a winning note is always good. Thanks Nigel.