Thursday, 25 September 2008


I have just had an email from Micki to say the voile's I have sent her STILL HAVE NOT ARRIVED. If she hasn't had them by tomorrow I am over that post office, today, just too bone tired for anything.
If you go to the post that has the title......for will see what is lost.


I really don't know how I managed to miss this little chap, he arrived with the birthday cards. I think he has been playing - Alien peek-a-boo with me. Gotcha. Don't you just love those flowers. Card was from Christine W. in Pizzazz group.

Wednesday, 24 September 2008


I am having such a great time with Angelina and her friends. I have made about 10 cards using this family and still the ideas are pouring into my head. I cannot keep up with them. Hopefully, tomorrow, when I am back from the hospital I will be able to get the edges done and then I will scan them into the computer and post some piks here.

An old friend of mine, [not in age] came up to see me this evening, her daughter is going to America and had a pair of jeans that needed turning up, she had asked if I would do it. What are friends for? Course I would. Took about 5 minutes. She brought me up a magazine and a book to have. Oh there are some lovely things in the magazine. The book she gave me was a Carol Doak one, on Waistcoats. I went to a Paper Foundation class with Carol Doak, many years ago, and she had a big display of her waistcoats there, I have always wanted to make one, so here we are, now is my chance.


Up early this morning...OUCH! Had appointment for a blood test. A FASTING ONE. I hate those sort. Oh well it was a chap who was doing the bloods this morning and hey, he was quick, I was in and out in less than 5 minutes. Normally they are prodding my arms like pincushions trying to find a vein. But this chappie, straight in, bloods done, bye bye go have your breakfast. Brilliant.

Tomorrow I am at the Hospital for my X rays for my neck. Not such an early appointment, hooray!
I am now wondering how many X rays they will do and how! I do hope I don't have to try and move my head too much, it will be impossible and sometimes these folk get a bit ratty. Oh well, soon be tomorrow and soon be over.

Tuesday, 23 September 2008


I am most definitely the luckiest person around. Just look at the wonderful things I have had for my birthday..I cant believe I am still receiving wonderful gifts. This DVD is from Di, I couldn't wait to get home Saturday and watch it. Its fantastic, I recommend it thoroughly, So many ideas on there, I have already tried one. I need to get some punch stamps now to try another from it. Thank you Di it is brilliant.
Now I am making no apologies for putting these on so many times. I couldn't decide which background was best for them so took a white a black and a sparkly red. I suggest you find the one you like best and concentrate on that.

with, how kind you are to me. Noel, what can I say, thank you is such a little word, when I really need to be there next to you giving you the biggest hug ever. I love her. She is amazing, how could you part with her. How did you do it? I have so many HOW'S about her. As I am sure others will have when they have looked at her. All those beads, all sewn on too. Phew! Also you sent me some blanks to practicelol :-)
I am going to call her BEAUTY, thank you so much Noel, she is GORGEOUS.

front...back...The back of 'Beauty'...
The front of 'Beauty' on her black background, I am holding her so you can see how small she is

The back on black...On red sparkling two tone voile...

Two more birthday cards I also received from the ladies at Postcard Pizzazz.....
My personal Rocket to the stars from Christine W, thanks Christine it is just great.. Pizzazz group

and last but not least, my party balloons from Leah, perfect colours Leah. Pizzazz group

I am just so lucky. Thank you everyone I am overwhelmed by your kindness.

Sunday, 21 September 2008


This is the Quilt I made with the Sari Silks, I spoke about on a previous post. I made it for a competition I was to enter, for FANS, I decided straight away I wanted to make a fan dancer, but, as I couldn't draw, I enlisted the help of a chap where my daughter worked at the time. The Fire Service. A Fire fighter no less. To record for prosperity his part in this Quilt, on the sleeve on the back I have appliqued a picture of a Fireman's helmet in Gold, with his name and the fact he is a firefighter, I suppose I should really have taken a picture of that. Sorry. Suzanne if you are reading this, can you do one for me, pretty please?

The Quilt is made completely with sari silks apart from; the men's dinner jackets and the dancer's body. Oh a funny little story about the body is, I asked could he not have any of the bodies 'bits' showing, I had no wish to offend anyone at the Quilt show, also I didn't want her feet showing, I didn't think I would be able to translate feet very well and I didn't want it to look grotesque. He did me a wonderful sketch on a piece of A4 paper. Hmm, had to beg him to re-draw it onto the vilene I was going to use, in the size I was going to do. Luckily I wasn't there when Suzanne asked him! As you can see he did it for me and I was absolutely thrilled with it.

When I started to stitch I realised I would have to make this in sections, due to the sari silk catching all the time. I didn't want it to have any 'ladders'. So all the fans were made separately, the men were made separately the curtains, the swags, the tie backs, the hair,; oh I loved making that hair.
The Curtains were a nightmare to do. I trolled through loads of magazines until I found the desired effect I was looking for. Looking at this now I feel the curtains are too thin. But there we go, I was pleased at the time, I am still pretty much pleased with the effect of this, Suzanne loved it so I gave it to her. There was nowhere in our little bungalow that it 'suited' to display. I believe it lives under her bed in a drawer!! No matter.

The back of the quilt is poly cotton, this you must realise was made in I believe 1993, I was unable to afford 100% cotton in those days. The only way I was able to make the front in sari silks was because I could buy it for....wait for it....£2 yard. Yep. I used to buy it from an Indian shop. The lady became great friends with me and used to let me have a really 'good measure'. This is how I have so much of it. I couldn't buy it now for that price I bet. Anyway, enough chat, here is a close up of it. Enjoy.Forgot to say. This was of course made on my old Singer sewing was a Singer 257. Fabulous machine. I wore it out!

Saturday, 20 September 2008


This is for Di, if you remember she said she liked Neapolitan ice creams with sprinkles and an umbrella!
I made her this, it is Neapolitan - London style - it has its sprinkles and the red syrup that Suzanne said I must put on, I did make an umbrella for it too, but it was a bit naff. I gave it to her today, that made her smile.
I have put it is 'London style' for a reason. I am from London originally and this is how the Neapolitans were, pink, green and brown. Here in Northampton they are pink white and brown. To me that is NOT right, I miss the green ice cream. It was sooo yummy.

Oh yes, we did our swap today of the AUTUMN QTC, only I left my one for Di at home! I shall post a picture here tomorrow of the one [she actually gave me two] ATC she gave me.
Di says ATC I say QTC.

PS to this posting, Nigel has said he will make us both a Postcard to swap. His words were, 'just for you two girlies' hee hee :-)


Ho hum. I say that every time at my group. They chat away like I don't know what, instead of, or as well, getting their sewing done. I cannot believe that NOT ONE person got one block completed. I shall give them what for next time!! Its not even as though the block was a hard one is it? OK there were a lot of pieces to it, but come on, what do they want, a boring 2 piece block? Oops I shouldn't say that, cos you get some great patterns using two piece blocks. So I will retract that statement.

They didn't even START the Applique block, didn't even think about it either. The small 'throw away block' of the flying geese, went down like a lead balloon. SO, I set them a competition using that tiny block. They have got to use at least 4 of them and make whatever they like with it. What ever size they wish to use, whatever colour they wish to use and whatever else they can think of, as long as they use 4. We shall see what they come up with. If any of them have a go that is!

On the whole it was a lovely day, it is always tiring for me, I cannot tell you how my poor feet hurt at the end of these days, also my throat tends to get a bit rough, all the repeating of the instructions I have to do, particularly as they don't really listen, but I guess that is the same the whole world of patchwork over.

The BEST thing about today was... drum roll please....
I had a new person join today...first chap.....Nigel.
Yes, he came along and boy oh boy could he sew. He eyeballs his seam allowance and let me tell you it is spot on the 1/4". His stitches are a dream come true. His work area was so neat too, this is one tidy, organised person. Would that I could be like that! He was very friendly towards everyone, and all the ladies agreed he is a lovely chap.

Nigel enjoyed his day with us and says he will definitely come again. I am so pleased. I wont be able to teach him anything mind you. I think he possibly will be able to show me a thing or three!

I'm wondering if you all can spot something here.

He started to sew after his Gran - who was a seamstress - died. Two weeks to the day after she died, he suddenly had the urge to sew, and hasn't looked back. He goes to the patchwork shop and views the fabrics, pulls the bolts out then gets out a little notepad, does a few drawings, calculations, then buys what he needs. Goes home, uses what he has bought. He does not have a stash of fabric, he says he uses everything he buys.
He plays the piano.
He is friendly
Are you catching my drift? Think Ricki Timms. Oh yes, this is RT 2nd.

Friday, 19 September 2008


These are close ups of the ladies on my Japanese Ladies Quilt. I went with a Friend to Pat Cox class for this, but it was all hand applique, which I couldn't do at the time, so I bought ALL 9 patterns and came home and did it all by machine!

I was unable to take good pictures as I really needed someone else to do it, as with my neck, I couldn't look up to see what I was doing, so the camera was just clicked when I thought the lady was in the frame so to speak.

Hmm. you see I forgot which ones I had taken a picture of, and I have missed one off completely. I have put them as they are on the Quilt. Hopefully, Yahoo will leave them alone!!!

I haven't a clue how I managed this, her face is all squished poor thing.

Here is the complete Quilt in situ. The ladies clothes are made from Silks a friend bought me when she went to London and visited Liberty's, she saw a pack of scraps and thought of me. They were perfect for this Quilt. The borders are all Polycotton, in those days I couldn't afford 100% cotton, besides, there wasn't the shops we have nowadays. The quilting in the purple flowered borders is of a lotus blossom, all done by hand. Gosh!

Those teds get in everything in this house!!


Introducing some of 'The Gang' I have a few around the house, I love them you see, I think they are much better than collecting precious china and the like, these you can give a cuddle too, and you should see children's faces when they come in and see them all. Magical! AND they are allowed to touch. The round plate you see was made especially for me by my friend Dorothy, isn't it fabulous, she fired it and painted it and glazed it [!] and signed it on the back just for me. The other plate, yes it is a plate, in the shape of a Ted, was bought for me by my Suzanne. I live in fear of this falling off the wall. The big picture, hubby bought me. He does grumble about all the bears, says, not ANOTHER one, but then goes and does this!! Go figure my friend KR would say.

This is the Quilt that hangs above my bed. I made it yonks ago.

Here is the Ted I made to match the Quilt that hangs above my bed!

These are the teds that sit on the bed underneath the Quilt, you can just see it.

These are the teds on one wall of the bedroom, just a few you know.

This little girl is ready to get in the bed it looks like, she doesn't though. None do.

Oh, this is 'Debbie' she is always up the corner. My Annette was getting rid of her so I just had to have her, isn't she gorgeous. Bless her though, she will sulk!

Mind you. She is lovely and quiet!!


Every year for Christmas, one or other of my two girls buys me a Poinsettia. It is usually dead by January.
Look at this one, it is going bananas, I have never had one so long and so healthy looking, at the moment it is all green of course, but come next month I reckon it will start to go red again. I just love it and am so pleased I have managed to keep it as long as this.
Of course I don't know how old it is exactly, cos the garden centre will have had it for a while. But I am treating it as though it will be 1 year old in December, the week before Christmas.


Here is Annette's version of the Applique block from the previous post. She had already made this and I just decided to use it for the group to do. Thought they would like it. Tomorrow I will find out if they do (did).

This is Annette's COMPLETED Quilt of the block they will be doing. Isn't it gorgeous, she has a wonderful eye for colour. Again, it was she who gave me the idea for tomorrow's class.

Can you see the secondary pattern you get when you butt the blocks up. If you go back to the previous post, you will see I am doing it slightly differently, I am incorporating both blocks in the one quilt.


This is what I shall be doing with my group tomorrow. Hopefully! They do chat a lot so it probably wont all get done. But they will have the print out so they can get on with it at home and hopefully someone !! will make the whole thing and bring it along the next meeting for our Showtime table. These are the fabrics I have chosen to use.

This is the patchwork block it is called 'Gamecocks' It reminds me of another block but the name escapes me at the moment.

This is the Applique block, they may or may not choose to make this, it is always up to them, I give them the idea, sew the seeds of a design for the pattern and then they have to use their little 'grey cells'

Here, partially done, is what it could look like, when I have finished it completely I shall post another picture. It kept slipping as I was taking the photo, the blocks do match up really.

Thursday, 18 September 2008


I recently joined a group on the web from a magazine, and on the pictures there was this beautiful bag. I emailed the lady and asked if she made it herself and if there was a pattern. Well, yes she designed it herself for sure, and has sent me the pattern to make one to test it before it goes public.

How exciting is that.

I get to be the first to make it after her original of course. It is a super bag I just love it. I shall have to ask for permission to put picture on here of the bag, from her.

I am thrilled to be doing this. I just know the pattern will be a good seller. I was looking at my fabrics today for it, and I think I shall use Batiks. I have quite a stash of them and I love the colours. I am going to get my class over on Saturday and then I shall be making this bag. YES.


If you go to my friend Di's Blog, it's over there on the side bar, you will see she is swapping some ATC's. They are super. My name is on one already. I think this is a great idea, I am going to give it a bash myself. I have lots of Postcards and I can easily make some QTC's for swapping I love making them. Also inchies, although to swap an inchy will look a bit silly don't you think??

So go see Di's cards and get in touch with her.

You will see Di calls them ATC's and I call them QTC's, same size, slightly different.


OK I couldn't resist it!

Last night when I told my friend Di I had made an ice cream card she informed me she liked Neapolitan, with sprinkles and an umbrella!!!! What ever next? That has got to be a first in an ice cream surely!!

Anyway, I thought about it and..... NAH! hahaha

I have been sewing again today though, I am now ready with all my samples for my class on Saturday, they whizzed together like a dream. Very pleased with them, A lot of finishing to do before it is a finished item, but that is the story of my like. Another UFO!

Also I made a carrier bag bag for my friend Di to be able to see how to do the handles. Once she has SEEN how they are done she will be able to do them easypeasy. I used some Winnie the Pooh fabric for this one.

I also managed to get out today, legs weren't too bad today! I went over the PO and posted packages to a few people. Guess what though! I only managed to leave the blooming postcards I had ready to go at home!!! DOH! When I collected GD from dance club I gave the to her mum to post for me.

My sewing room has managed to get itself into a terrible mess, I really don't understand how it does it? I am so tidy!!!! You would never believe there is a carpet in there for one thing!! The tables are completely covered in...basically...mess. Tomorrow I may give it a good going through and see how long it takes it to get back into a muddle. My sewing fabric cupboard too is in a bit of a state. I am having to open it very gingerly as everything is tending to fall out now. Who is it who messes this up? Not me! No pictures today.

Wednesday, 17 September 2008


OK. I have only made one actually, but I wanted you to see the different backgrounds. I normally use the scanner with the lid left UP so I get a black background, I like the contrast effect.
When I did this card, you couldn't see the 'flake'; so I closed the lid, to make it a white background, and oh dear, it squashed the ice cream.
Yes, I know I should have just got a piece of fabric - goodness knows I have plenty of it, - and draped it over the card instead of closing the lid, but I couldn't be bothered to go in the other room as I was comfy! Lazy me!!

So this is the card for Elaine I promised. Hope you enjoy it Elaine. Where ever you are????!!!!
I miss you.

The cornet is made from eight - yes 8 - layers of netting, the coarse type, I liked the effect, I then zigzagged the pattern on it, the ice cream scoops are made of sari silk, they have a tiny amount of wadding in them to make it 3D, and the flake is a 100% cotton, stitched in rows, folded, then pleated, to give the 'flake' effect. I think it worked. I was going to put some sprinkles on it, but thought I best leave well alone, knowing my track record of late!!


I have been sewing like mad today as it is my group on Saturday and I hadn't made a sample for them. Well Annette had, so I didn't think I would bother myself. BUT, best laid plans and all that... When I saw Annette's finished one, I thought. Ooooooooooooo I want one.
So of course, everything to the last minute, I have stitched, and stuck, and cut out, and pressed, and stitched some more, and I am so close to having something that looks reasonable. I am quite pleased with myself.

OH YES. I also started to make Elaine's promised Ice Cream Postcard. Hubby, says it looks good enough to eat. Will do pictures tomorrow.

I have also got some packages ready to post to; KR, Allison, Micki, Sarah and Susan. :-) = happy!

I had a delivery from Ebay this morning too, some gorgeous beads. And YES, I do need more beads Di. I am hoping the containers I have ordered for them will come tomorrow. A good day.


These are yet more gifts for me, the Bear and the two cup tea set are both for my birthday. Aren't I lucky, nine days AFTER the event and I am still getting gifts!!

The bear is from my elder daughter's friend, Little Di and the two cup tea set is from my younger daughter's friend, Zana.

The little hanging is from my neighbour - the lovely one of course - I was so surprised to get this it is a lovely sentiment, I hope I live up to it!!


Here then is the surprise for Susan. It is as you can see just a tote bag. I tried to make it special for her as she had given me such a wonderful gift, and I wished to return the compliment.
I know she liked the Ginkgo leaves I do, and that she liked pink, lilac, green and blue.
First picture is a close up, it really shimmers. Other picture is the finished bag.

With those colours in mind for the leaves, I appliqued them to the dark pink background.
MISTAKE Number one.
The fabric shrivelled and made the leaves look grotesque.
Fed the bin.

'Floated' the leaves behind the voile on the dark pink fabric.
MISTAKE Number two.
All the leaves, 'clumped' together at the bottom of the bag, looked stupid.
Fed the bin.

Dashed to town for more fabric, bought better stuff.
Came home, made the leaves individually, cut out and trimmed edges.
Assembled bag, the dark pink with the pale pink voile over it THEN appliqued the leaves onto this.
SUCCESS. I liked what I saw.
Didn't feed the bin that night. hahaha

Made the lining and handles, assembled the Tote.
Will post as soon as I get myself out.
Hope you like it Susan.


Here they are then Micki, the Voile's that will soon be winging their way to you, I do apologise for the lateness, I know I said I'd get them off before now, but apart from going to the Doc's I haven't been out lately. I will make more effort to get them posted tomorrow.
I do hope you like the choices I made for you.

They did eventually arrive in Ireland.

Tuesday, 16 September 2008


My friend Di and myself are going to swap the Season's in QTC's or ATC's.
This is the first one. We decided on AUTUMN.
It had to be made using a 'fabric' we had created ourselves. Not a ready made bought one if you see what I mean.
So what did I do?
At the Quilt show at Birmingham I had bought some of that soluble stuff you stitch on then chuck in some water, it disappears but what you have stitched is left behind, hopefully in one piece. After a bit of trial and error. Don't ask!!
I settled for this one. It suddenly dropped into place when Di said you can draw on the stuff. So, I drew a rough outline of a tree. Yep, that's supposed to be a tree folks. Then I sprinkled the little bits of fabric on in the areas I wanted the particular colours to be. I vermicellied like crazy, to keep it all down and hopefully in one piece after the water stage!! Well as you can see it did work, I only had to sew a few extra bits on when it dried out, as you could see daylight through it in a few places, and I wasn't after that effect for this.
I completed the QTC, then realised I was supposed to have put some beads on. DOH moment. Out came my beloved crystals. Hooray for them. So I went mad sticking them here, there and everywhere, in all the colours I had used on the QTC. Great fun. Hope you like it Di.
What is the next Season we are doing. I am raring to go.


Hm mm! Went to the Doctors surgery today to see the Doc about my neck. She (nice lady Doctor not seen her before, very pleasant lady) is getting in touch with the hospital, and they will apparently send me a letter inviting me to make an appointment to have an ex ray of my neck done.

This will arrive sometime in October. I then have to make the appointment, so who knows when that will be. Oh well, I've put up with it for years, a few more wont hurt I guess. She did give me a stronger pain killer though ,of which I was grateful for. When they kick in I shall be glad.

I should be going again next week to see the Nurse about my review, but they forgot to put it in the book, so I have missed out on that one. I did lose it a bit at this stage I can tell you.

I can have a blood test, Next week, BUT my Review is now in October.

To say this Surgery is organised is to make one hell of a joke. I told the receptionist that if I had arrived next week for the due date they had made me to see the nurse, and been told no appointment was in the book, WW3 would have broken out. As it was, my appointment was for 4.20 and I got in at 5.15. Punctuality is no requirement for the Doctors obviously, but you be late and see what happens!!!!!

So there we are. I am no nearer to having my neck sorted than I was when I woke up this morning. Well, unless you count an appointment with the Hospital sometime later this year, whenever!!!!!!! Me, sarcastic!!! Yep, you betcha!

Cant find a suitable picture for this post. Sorry.

Good grief. WHAT is going on. Do I have - you can mess me about - tattooed on my forehead? No I do not. So why does this sort of thing always happen to me??


Birthday Cards from two of the girls at POSTCARD PIZZAZZ group...

BEATLES swap...
Threads Of Friendship card...

Alien card
You have to click on the cards to get the information about them. I bet you are smiling as you look at the Alien card. It's fun isn't it!