Wednesday, 17 September 2008


OK. I have only made one actually, but I wanted you to see the different backgrounds. I normally use the scanner with the lid left UP so I get a black background, I like the contrast effect.
When I did this card, you couldn't see the 'flake'; so I closed the lid, to make it a white background, and oh dear, it squashed the ice cream.
Yes, I know I should have just got a piece of fabric - goodness knows I have plenty of it, - and draped it over the card instead of closing the lid, but I couldn't be bothered to go in the other room as I was comfy! Lazy me!!

So this is the card for Elaine I promised. Hope you enjoy it Elaine. Where ever you are????!!!!
I miss you.

The cornet is made from eight - yes 8 - layers of netting, the coarse type, I liked the effect, I then zigzagged the pattern on it, the ice cream scoops are made of sari silk, they have a tiny amount of wadding in them to make it 3D, and the flake is a 100% cotton, stitched in rows, folded, then pleated, to give the 'flake' effect. I think it worked. I was going to put some sprinkles on it, but thought I best leave well alone, knowing my track record of late!!


Kath said...

That looks luscious Jan! Kathx

Elaine said...

OH my goodness!! That is beautiful. I remember those kinds of ice cream cones too!!

Anonymous said...

Lots of work on that yummy ice cream cone! the things I learn from you, so simple and yet I didn't think of putting in a bit of cotton to make it 3D. Sew so fun.

hugs sue /ca

jan said...

Thanks Kath, I was hoping it would have that effect.

Elaine, there you are! This is your ice cream me dear. Enjoy :-)

Sue/ca I only ever do simple. Brain wont work if its hard. hahaa