Saturday, 20 September 2008


Ho hum. I say that every time at my group. They chat away like I don't know what, instead of, or as well, getting their sewing done. I cannot believe that NOT ONE person got one block completed. I shall give them what for next time!! Its not even as though the block was a hard one is it? OK there were a lot of pieces to it, but come on, what do they want, a boring 2 piece block? Oops I shouldn't say that, cos you get some great patterns using two piece blocks. So I will retract that statement.

They didn't even START the Applique block, didn't even think about it either. The small 'throw away block' of the flying geese, went down like a lead balloon. SO, I set them a competition using that tiny block. They have got to use at least 4 of them and make whatever they like with it. What ever size they wish to use, whatever colour they wish to use and whatever else they can think of, as long as they use 4. We shall see what they come up with. If any of them have a go that is!

On the whole it was a lovely day, it is always tiring for me, I cannot tell you how my poor feet hurt at the end of these days, also my throat tends to get a bit rough, all the repeating of the instructions I have to do, particularly as they don't really listen, but I guess that is the same the whole world of patchwork over.

The BEST thing about today was... drum roll please....
I had a new person join today...first chap.....Nigel.
Yes, he came along and boy oh boy could he sew. He eyeballs his seam allowance and let me tell you it is spot on the 1/4". His stitches are a dream come true. His work area was so neat too, this is one tidy, organised person. Would that I could be like that! He was very friendly towards everyone, and all the ladies agreed he is a lovely chap.

Nigel enjoyed his day with us and says he will definitely come again. I am so pleased. I wont be able to teach him anything mind you. I think he possibly will be able to show me a thing or three!

I'm wondering if you all can spot something here.

He started to sew after his Gran - who was a seamstress - died. Two weeks to the day after she died, he suddenly had the urge to sew, and hasn't looked back. He goes to the patchwork shop and views the fabrics, pulls the bolts out then gets out a little notepad, does a few drawings, calculations, then buys what he needs. Goes home, uses what he has bought. He does not have a stash of fabric, he says he uses everything he buys.
He plays the piano.
He is friendly
Are you catching my drift? Think Ricki Timms. Oh yes, this is RT 2nd.

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