Wednesday, 17 September 2008


Here then is the surprise for Susan. It is as you can see just a tote bag. I tried to make it special for her as she had given me such a wonderful gift, and I wished to return the compliment.
I know she liked the Ginkgo leaves I do, and that she liked pink, lilac, green and blue.
First picture is a close up, it really shimmers. Other picture is the finished bag.

With those colours in mind for the leaves, I appliqued them to the dark pink background.
MISTAKE Number one.
The fabric shrivelled and made the leaves look grotesque.
Fed the bin.

'Floated' the leaves behind the voile on the dark pink fabric.
MISTAKE Number two.
All the leaves, 'clumped' together at the bottom of the bag, looked stupid.
Fed the bin.

Dashed to town for more fabric, bought better stuff.
Came home, made the leaves individually, cut out and trimmed edges.
Assembled bag, the dark pink with the pale pink voile over it THEN appliqued the leaves onto this.
SUCCESS. I liked what I saw.
Didn't feed the bin that night. hahaha

Made the lining and handles, assembled the Tote.
Will post as soon as I get myself out.
Hope you like it Susan.


Noel said...

Oh Susan is one lucky's the ginko leaves.
Nice birthday gifts as still have one's on it't way to you as we speak...I sure hope you like it!
Thanks for sharing!

jan said...

Hi Noel, I am just so lucky. I know I will love what ever you send me. lol jan x

Anonymous said...

You make some of the most beautiful gingko leaves I think I have ever seen!

Janet, love your blog, you have been doing a great job keeping it current and fun to read.

hugs sue /ca

jan said...

Hi sue/ca, yu say the nicest things to me. My head will s-t-r-e-t-c-h if you aren't careful. hohoho

I just chat away to myself, its a bonus if folk leave me a message or two.