Sunday, 7 September 2008


This is a piece of fabric from Pam N - PIZZAZZ group, enclosed with a postcard. Love it, thanks Pam.

Lovely card from Susan P - PIZZAZZ

and again, a RAINBOW PINK QTC from Susan P - PIZZAZZ

Susan also made me this Poppy Brooch, she is so clever isn't she, thanks so much Susan, however can I repay you for the things you have sent me? PIZZAZZ

GREEN RAINBOW QTC from Noel, how did you do the beads round the Shisha mirror Noel?? Very clever. I miss your Blog, cant you put it back, please...... PIZZAZZ

RAINBOW BLUE QTC from Joanie I had seen pictures of these horse on the site and I had my fingers crossed I would get one, and eh voila, thanks Joanie..PIZZAZZ

Here is the card Kath made with the fabrics I sent her for our Private Mystery swap Mk2, a friend lent her a die cutting tool !! and she cut the flowers from the Voile, neat huh?

and this is also from Kath, thank you so much, she knows I love teddies, sad but true. PIZZAZZ

Wonderful card is from Pam, she also sent the fabric up there, the photos have all moved to how I put them on here, it does annoy me when it does that, then if I try to move them around, they disappear and I have to start all over again, anyway I digress, thanks Pam, I love this it has a very old fashioned style which I love...PIZZAZZ

This, also is from Pam, it is a birthday card to celebrate PIZZAZZ first birthday.

I am yet again, lucky to receive these wonderful cxards and gifts. Thank you everyone. I love them all.

Please, if you are visiting, do take time to leave a message, I can see people do visit but it would be nice to 'hear' from you who do. I always reply to my messages that are left. I have made a good few friends that way.


Anonymous said...

Wow what a lovey lot of wonderfull goodies you have got, what joy to get something nice to brighten these wet nasty days,

We need a week of sunshine,
Lucky you enjoy them,

jan said...

Hi Tracey, yes aren't I lucky, the postie enjoys them too.
How true, I am so fed up with this rain, mind you we should count our blessings, some folk have it a lot lot worse.