Wednesday, 17 September 2008


These are yet more gifts for me, the Bear and the two cup tea set are both for my birthday. Aren't I lucky, nine days AFTER the event and I am still getting gifts!!

The bear is from my elder daughter's friend, Little Di and the two cup tea set is from my younger daughter's friend, Zana.

The little hanging is from my neighbour - the lovely one of course - I was so surprised to get this it is a lovely sentiment, I hope I live up to it!!


Anonymous said...

Love the sweet mug set, im allways breaking my mugs, my best ones way out of reach
Great gifts

jan said...

Hi Tracey, it was such a surprise to receive it, Zana is Greek, a lovely lovely lady. I know what you mean about the breakages, we have had a few just lately. Me mainly!! Says it all!! haha :-) Can you see they are a strange shape too.