Saturday, 13 September 2008


Oh me oh my. I cannot get this right. I am making something for Susan, and I want it to be really special as she had made me such a wonderful gift - the journal.

So I started it, and oops, disaster.----Hello bin you will eat tonight!

Second go. Hmmm looking good at first stage, just a little more there, ARGH NO!---BIN.

Dashed to market, bought more fabric, better stuff this time, luscious or what!! Oh shame you cant see it. hahahaha

Third attempt. Fingers crossed.


Success. I am now well on my way to getting 'it' done. Bin will starve tonight!!!

Just had a thought now, suppose Susan doesn't use these? OMG. Susan if you are reading this. You GOTTA USE IT OK!
Or you could give it away.

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