Friday, 28 August 2009


House sitting until next Wednesday, so away from Blog and everything else. See you next week folks.
Have a great Bank Holiday what ever it is you will be doing, I hope the weather will be kind to you.

Thursday, 27 August 2009


Not doing very well with the new machine, giving me quite a bit of grief. Left it for today, went out instead for a walk.

Wednesday, 26 August 2009


Roll out the carpet and beat those drums

It works!!!

Look to your right and click on the link there to find out something really neat
can make for the athletes taking part at the next OLYMPICS

Perseverance paid off in the end

Tonya here you go me dear, sorted :-)

Ros, we shall have to chivvy people along ;-)

I ought to get a medal for this......hee hee
You would not believe how long it has taken me to sort this,
but Chris has been so helpful along the way,
Cheers Chris.


Try as I might I cannot get the link to work for me all I get is error 404 This is such a great thing to be happening for Quilters in UK I am so cross it wont work. Please just type Quilts 4 London in the bar and click go hopefully it will get you there. I am in touch with the organisers to find out why it isn't working.

Tuesday, 25 August 2009


So here is the DO WANT PART...
This was my old machine,
a Singer 257...

Simplicity itself...

With these two controls I made many Quilts...

the back of my machine was yellowed with the heat...

Rest in peace Singer 257 after giving me 15 years good service
Then came the Bernina,
what can I say,
another 15 year stayer...

Rest in peace Bernina 1090S

This is Annette's machine,
I used it to see if I liked Janome enough to buy one,
this is her NEW machine, I was using the OLD one...


Here it is then, my new machine, delivered today, thrown in the door
by the super delivery man who delivered my pizza boxes...
Hubby said if it weren't broke before it is now...

Luckily it wasn't...

its cover - I have taken piks of everything
for those of you who want all the details...

mini extension table and hidey hole for attachments...

the latest feet [brought out in August 2009],
bought at NEC along with the machine -
must haves for me -
£39.00 for the three...

All these feet supplied with the machine...

and these bits and bobs...

here it is - sorry not a good picture is it,
can you see it is too big for my table -
got to have a rethink about this...

close up for you...

Hopefully I will get the hang of it one day
Welcome Janome 6260QC
a new era begins for me


these are patterns I bought as must haves an age ago,
thinking what to do with them....

my days of mini quilts are well and truly gone...

various patterns, middle one coloured with age, it is signed by designer...

these next ones are by Pat Cox,
I just HAD to have them,
will I make them?

Same designer, same answer...

Big ideas all those years ago.

Monday, 24 August 2009


Hubby thought he would give the Bernina motor a thorough check, he was pretty sure it was 'shot' [technical phrase!!!!]
So he got the workmate table up and clamped it to it, then wired it to the mains ------- as blokes do, pushing the bare wires into the socket - arghhhhh don't try this at home folks.......
it sprung into life, we looked at each other, then flames and smoke from the back appeared, hahahaha the smell was awful I went in --he was in the garden with this.
It is 'shot' now.
He had to give it a go he said, so now we now it is officially dead as a dodo.
Long live the Janome.

Oh look, it is Monday, and it is not here...........hahahaha


Whilst I am waiting for the delivery of my new machine,
here are some pictures of the flowers in my back garden,
I am totally thrilled with the way they have all settled in,

This is the Ruby Rose
Suzanne and Richard bought us for our
40th wedding anniversary in June,
It has the most amazing scent,
I love it...

This plant grows behind the tubs, it is not quite in full flower yet...

Again, Suzanne bought one of these palms for me,
I went out and bought a similar one plus the two tubs,
they look pretty good I think...


side by side...

Aren't these brilliant,
I think they are,
although if you don't like yellow or orange like my friend Sheila,
you will hate these next pictures...

Aren't they fabulous...

As I said I am very pleased with them all, the garden is filling up nicely.
If only I could rid of my yukky neighbours as easily as we did the conifers!!!!!