Thursday, 27 August 2009


Not doing very well with the new machine, giving me quite a bit of grief. Left it for today, went out instead for a walk.


searchfamilies said...

Hi Jan, i can understand how frustrating it can be, new machines never seem to be how we like them it will take time as everything is different i bet it worst than learning to sew all over again.
I love the new picture at the top it really neat well done hope you have a better day today with the machine
Hugs Janice

Trillian said...

Dear Jan, I had the same problem with my new machine. I was really frustrated and went back to the shop because nothing went like I wanted it. But I couldn't change it. Then I tried my old one and... was frustrated too. And now after some weeks I like the new one.
I hope it will come out well with your new machine after a while.

Tracey said...

i do hope you get your new machine sorted soon,

take care

Reflections of life and art said...

So sorry you are having a difficult time with your new will get use to you once you break it in...hee hee!
Count your blessings you got a new one tho!!