Monday, 24 August 2009


Whilst I am waiting for the delivery of my new machine,
here are some pictures of the flowers in my back garden,
I am totally thrilled with the way they have all settled in,

This is the Ruby Rose
Suzanne and Richard bought us for our
40th wedding anniversary in June,
It has the most amazing scent,
I love it...

This plant grows behind the tubs, it is not quite in full flower yet...

Again, Suzanne bought one of these palms for me,
I went out and bought a similar one plus the two tubs,
they look pretty good I think...


side by side...

Aren't these brilliant,
I think they are,
although if you don't like yellow or orange like my friend Sheila,
you will hate these next pictures...

Aren't they fabulous...

As I said I am very pleased with them all, the garden is filling up nicely.
If only I could rid of my yukky neighbours as easily as we did the conifers!!!!!

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Tonya's Sewing Room said...

yucky neighbors, LOL........a new machine? what do you think this is, Christmas?? i would like to have a new machine