Wednesday, 30 April 2008


This is my 'first ever' Crazy postcard. It is actually my very first attempt at anything 'Crazy' style.
I have entered a swap for Crazy cards, they are supposed to be done my hand, but I am a machine person, so am hoping the ladies wont mind....
OK I know it's not perfect, the spider's web is definitely odd, and the spider looks up-side-down to me and far too big probably!! I had great fun making it though, the embellishments I sewed on - by hand - it took me two days would you believe to do this one card, and it's not finished yet? The embellishment is, but the edges need tidying.
I am actually rather pleased with it I have to say, I am hoping the ones I have to make for the swap will not take as long to do, once I get into a rhythm they may speed up, who knows. From a distance, it 'don't look 'arf bad'. I am going to keep this one for myself, it is my 'learning curve one.


Suz bought me all these embellishments for house-sitting, next to the hats are some little violets on long stems, they didn't scan well I am afraid...
Beads, sequins, ribbons...
Fabulous stars...
So, not only did I get a great mail I got this added bonus.
Lucky, lucky me. Thank you Suz. xx


Batik pocket private swap, Alice it is perfect...
and look what was inside...
This was really weird!
Look at the dragonfly...
Barbara's Mum in 1925...A Mother understands what a child does not say!
I love this background fabric...

Such a clever idea don't you think...
Hand painted then embellished...
Ohh those gorgeous colours...

See Noel, it made it.. Shells intact too...
Made from an old wool coat and scraps of yarn, clever...
The sun has got his hat on, hip hip hip hooray...

How lucky am I? All these were waiting for me when I returned from my house-sitting stint.


Back from my house-sitting stint, and it being Tuesday, we were off to the slimming club. I knew I would have a good weight loss this week as I had been up and down, up and down stairs at daughter's house that many times, chasing after the cats too, all extra exercise.
I got on the scales and looked over the piece of board they hide them behind, WHAT!!!!
It said I had PUT ON 3 1/2lbs.
I got off absolutely disgusted, saying something is wrong somewhere this cannot be right.
S got on, now, because she had been away she knew she would have gained a pound or possibly two. Huh! Scales said she had gained 5 1/2 lbs.
TWO very unhappy and cross ladies I can tell you.
So... the girl who was doing the weighing said 'look I will check them I know what I am from earlier', so she removed her boots and got on the scales....they said she had GAINED 4lbs....just sitting there for about an hour she had gained. Need I say more! She dashed to her car and brought in a fresh pair of scales, I walked out in disgust - I have to tell you it was raining and I got soaked but had to go as I could not rely on myself to remain quiet!!!
S came out to the car and said she had been re-weighed and this new set of scales said she had gained a pound, and did I want to go back?
What do you think my answer was then?
I am totally appalled at the way this club is run, talk about a shambles, apparently everyone in the room, and there were a lot of ladies in there, were now having to be re-weighed as the previous scales must have been faulty.
I rest my case.
We went straight to S house and picked up her expensive digital scales and brought them to my house. We have decided we will have our own private slimming club - we are starting this Thursday, from scratch, S is going to make a chart for us to fill in, we will do far better than the stupid other place I am sure.
Oh! What did we weigh on these scales I hear you ask? Sit down dear reader...
12 lbs LESS than the others. can that be!!!!
I have deleted the Weight Loss box over the side, I will start again tomorrow. We will show them we can do it on our own wont we S........

Thursday, 24 April 2008


I shall not be posting anything new for a few days as I am off House sitting for my daughter tomorrow until Monday, so will not be on the computer until then. This time I will try to get pictures of the 'zoo'!
Hope everyone who is reading my blog right now, has a wonderful weekend and thank you for visiting. Feel free to leave a message for me to see when I return. I seem to be getting new people from different countries. Brilliant.

Wednesday, 23 April 2008


I have washed and ironed all the fabrics for the quilt I am to make for Anita. They looked lovely blowing on the line. They are now stacked ready and waiting for the first cut.
I have drafted the pattern as the book the quilt is from doesn't have patterns in it, no problem, sorted. I just have a few postcards to finish then I can get cracking on it. I am really looking forward now to getting my teeth into it.
This message is actually being done on Wednesday as I was half way through it last night and got taken off the Internet. AOL do please sort yourself out. This is happening too often now.


I am not happy at all, went to slimming club tonight, well, first we got shouted at and told to hurry up!! Suzanne had rushed around at work clearing her desk so as to leave it tidy, as she was off for the next few days, then as she doesn't work in Northampton she had to get to me to pick me up, so it was all very stressful. Then to get at the club and be told...well!
Then the scales were in a different part of the room, which I feel cannot be right! The whole layout had been rearranged, it was a real muddle.
Also there was a little girl there who just kept maunging and making noises and stamping her feet, the mother just sat there. I am sorry if you cannot control your kids do not bring them along to annoy other people. Get yourself weighed ... then leave!
Then to cap it all, they said I had PUT ON 1/2lb. I know it is not a lot, but I cannot believe it as I had been stuffing fruit like an eejit, and I hate fruit, but it is 'free' so had it.
Not happy. Neither was Suzanne for being shouted at. If it is like this next week we aren't going to stay.
PS to this post.
It is now Wednesday and I have just had a call from the leader of the club, to see what was wrong. So I explained about all the above, and she apologised, but we are still going to see what it is like next week. She has told me the scales will weigh 'the same' where-ever they are put in the room!! The layout is now how it is to be in the future. The child situation...she will have a word with the mother. Apparently I wasn't the only one who felt a bit 'miffed' last night. So we shall see. On a good note, Suzanne had lost weight, not as much as her own scales said, also hubby had lost. He has lost nearly a stone now. Brilliant. Wish I had.

Tuesday, 22 April 2008


These I bought from Milton Keynes....
...and these
Click on this to read it.....
Ha Ha Ha Ha....

Cards received.......

Cards made going in the post.....

For Elaine....
For my stock pile....
...and these....
...and these...
Click on picture to see about these two.


Good grief! see; quilts to finish over there...
You see I am going to blame this all onto KR, I saw the pictures of her sewing room and how neat it was so I had to go and do mine...I cannot tell you what pain it caused my hand in moving around all those boxes and trays, BUT, it was worth it, I now have a lovely tidy room and a CLEAR TABLE! Now how did that happen because I haven't thrown anything away. Strange! I will get around to taking some new pictures of it in a few days, I want to make sure I can really work with it like this first. No point having a lovely looking room when it isn't workable eh!
The blame I am putting on KR is for all the Quilt tops and Hangings I found ready for quilting whilst having a tidy up. So many. I refuse to count them, I will let you do that, it will scare me! Now they are listed in full view I may actually get around to finishing them and ticking them off, that would be good. Then what to do with them, the chair in the bedroom is very nearly to the ceiling with Quilts! Ah well, no doubt someone will let me know they would like one of them. That is what usually happens.
I am looking forward to getting back to my quilting I have been concentrating on the Postcards for so long I have nearly forgotten how to do it.
Meantime here are a few pictures to view. Next post.


I had just nearly finished putting the list of all my unfinished Quilts up and arghh I got cut off the internet. Am I mad?? You betcha. Will try again tomorrow.

Thursday, 17 April 2008


Well, it has done it again, oh well, at least they are here, took me three attempts to get them to publish at all. These are ready for the post tomorrow.

I am now up-to-date with all my pictures and cards, I think!


Well now, this is a weird thing, I didn't want these cards to be like this at all, I like them one under the other, so if I just keep typing maybe they will eventually all drop in a line and I can sort them out. Then again I could be typing here for ever and a day before I got them where I wanted!!!

I received all these cards this week, FIVE of them on one day. The buttons and bows came on a different day all on it's on. Ahhh! Aren't they all wonderful again, I truly am lucky. Thank you so much ladies. If you click on the cards you will see who they are from.


Time has caught up with me, I have been so busy reading other people's Blogs I have lapsed in bringing mine up to date, I have lots of cards to post, will have to be tomorrow, off to bed, I am very tired this evening. Before I go, I will try to post a new Blog for you all to look at over there on my favourite list.
KR you made it, welcome to the land of Blogging.

Wednesday, 16 April 2008


I am so pleased, Kira and her mummy said I can post the picture of her card here. How about this......Kira is 7 years old. This is her first ever card.


Today, myself, daughter A and GD went to Milton Keynes shopping centre and met up with Kath and her friend Bernice. Kath is a lady I swap postcards with on one of the groups I am in, we decided last week to meet up, well, I guess I sort of 'pushed' her a bit!! Sorry Kath hee hee.
Oh my, we chatted and laughed for almost 2 hours solid, it was truly lovely. Kath is one of those people who when you meet her you feel you have known her forever. It was a shame they had to go early as Bernice had an appointment at 2 o'clock, I do fear she was late though!!!
Hopefully, all fingers crossed, we will be meeting again, in the next school holidays, which is convenient for all concerned. Until then, we are back to the Internet chat.
Thank you Kath and Bernice for a lovely few hours.
I am, as you can see, on my computer, oh boy is it driving me mad, it seems to be every Tuesday, it goes on a 'GO-SLOW' argh, I am trying to leave a message on Noel's Blog, and it is taking an age to load, I shall have to try again tomorrow, it just makes me so cross when it does this to me. This is posted in red because I am cross.

Monday, 14 April 2008

More cards that were posted today, this tree I thread painted, fingers crossed this one will arrive, the last one went missing! Where do they go? These are for a 'Best Foot Forward' swap, I used my FME foot to make these.
Oh I had fun making these cards, 'A Girl's Best Friend' is the theme, so obviously my machine is mine... you would never have guessed would you!!! First I took pictures of all my threads, see a previous post for them, then I printed them all on the special fabric for printers, did the same with the machine picture, made a mini quilt of it, and placed it on the threads. There is a message, if you click on the picture, you may be able to read it not sure. Then, because at least 2 embellishments had to be on it, I curled some of the threads I used on the cards and stitched them to the side. Voila!
These four QTC's are re sends, the people didn't get the cards first time of sending, again...where do they all go? Good thing I had made extra originally....whew, only now I don't have one myself. o well!
OH, this is for a very Special lady I have only recently been in contact with, I do hope she will like this card. I may just do another as I am not too happy with it really....
Lots of cards sent out today, very pleased with myself, like the cat who ate the cream!!!


IF... by any stroke of bad luck, when you visit me, you can hear TWO Ricki's singing, I would suggest you either turn your sound off OR possibly refresh the page, it works for me, I don't know why he double tracks at the moment.
Ohh what a thought though, two for the price of one.
I hope it wont deter you from reading or just looking.


This card I made for a very clever little girl, who had made a postcard herself and it was wonderful, I shall ask her permission to put a picture of it here. I am hoping by sending one to her she will be encouraged to keep sewing.
All these cards will be posted very soon, which will complete most of the swaps I am in. I have done more but as yet haven't scanned them in. Another job for tomorrow.
I shall be sad to post this as I love it so much, but it has to go. It is for a May Mingle.
These are for an 'Earth Day' swap I am in.
Aha, now that would be on the card to see message.
I was really pleased with the way these QTC's turned out, they are for a 'Memory Lane' swap. I do hope the recipients liked them.

It is a lovely feeling knowing I am ahead of the dates for the swaps to be sent out, I can see, sitting on the printer 7 more cards that need to be scanned in, I will add them here, hopefully, tomorrow. Then I really will be bang up to date. That will be the end of my cards as I am going back to my quilting.