Friday, 4 April 2008


Well, as you know, at the beginning of the year I made a NYRezzie to lose weight, and to date, have done absolutely nothing about achieving this!!
Well, things are about to change, as my daughter S rang me on Monday and said she was joining Slimming World and did I want to go with her. YESSSS PLEASE. When does it start? Tomorrow! Gosh, no time to ponder and change mind then. Only joking.
So on Tuesday of this week, off we both went to sign up.
This is where it gets a bit shocking. I am going to post how much I weighed on here, not to boast you understand, I am totally ashamed I weigh so much, but it is for me to see every time I open this Blog and for you ?? hopefully, to encourage me to keep going and losing it. I will post each week if I lose or, ARGH, gain!! Hopefully I can do this in the side bar somehow.
So me dears, sit down cos here it is.
......14st 11lbs......
Together, S and myself, with your help and SLIMMING WORLD of course, will lose, lose, lose.

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