Wednesday, 16 April 2008


Today, myself, daughter A and GD went to Milton Keynes shopping centre and met up with Kath and her friend Bernice. Kath is a lady I swap postcards with on one of the groups I am in, we decided last week to meet up, well, I guess I sort of 'pushed' her a bit!! Sorry Kath hee hee.
Oh my, we chatted and laughed for almost 2 hours solid, it was truly lovely. Kath is one of those people who when you meet her you feel you have known her forever. It was a shame they had to go early as Bernice had an appointment at 2 o'clock, I do fear she was late though!!!
Hopefully, all fingers crossed, we will be meeting again, in the next school holidays, which is convenient for all concerned. Until then, we are back to the Internet chat.
Thank you Kath and Bernice for a lovely few hours.
I am, as you can see, on my computer, oh boy is it driving me mad, it seems to be every Tuesday, it goes on a 'GO-SLOW' argh, I am trying to leave a message on Noel's Blog, and it is taking an age to load, I shall have to try again tomorrow, it just makes me so cross when it does this to me. This is posted in red because I am cross.

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