Friday, 26 February 2010


Sometimes I wonder why I am bothering at all. I have come on the computer this evening because I know there will be an email waiting for me to make a payment to someone....and what happens....AOL is saying I am loading an invalid password. Driving me absolutely crazy, I typed it in slowly- slowly -slowly to get it right, as I know sometimes I do it too fast for them - hah - but nope, it just wont work this evening. I shall try one more time in a minute or two, then I shall have to leave it and try in the morning and then if it still doesn't work??? IT man cometh! Doesn't it drive you crazy?

Here is a picture of a Quilt I made for Lisa,
I wasn't sure how to Quilt it really, but once it was under the needle of the machine,
the feathers took over.

Lovely fabrics to work with.
after many times of typing the same password over and over and over again,
I thumped the keys and
Into my emails I got....
After all that the one I wanted wasn't there...
Sod's Law

Thursday, 25 February 2010


How could I have forgotten this -
Suzanne gave me this book on Saturday,
as you can see, I have started to read it -

Finished, done and dusted,
not my usual colours I have to say,
I expect it will grow on me.
I did this last year at my group for an ongoing project -
This is my version of it.

Have to say I am glad it is done.

Wednesday, 24 February 2010


Just look what my friend Elisabeth sent me all the way from Austria,
I really didn't deserve such gifts, but I welcome them all the same ;-)
many many thanks Elisabeth I love them all...

Then I got these from my friend Marian, fabulous fabric and I love that little magnet,
apparently she thinks I look like this cos of the photo of me next to mum -
over to your right folks....
thanks Marian but you gotta stop this you know...

then I treated myself to this book -
well why not I thought -
I am wanting to try something different
and this

Fabulous fabrics from my friend Lisa -
I am just sooooooooooo lucky....

AND these too,
I am overwhelmed by everyone's kindness to me,
I don't know why I deserve all these gifts...
But I thank you all very very much.


This is a fabric Postcard made for the final swap on the PP Forum -
the theme is HANDS and FEET -
the card says it all - and more...

Had some fun making this with loads of scraps,
it will be sent to someone soon....


Sending this to my friend Marian for her little Grand daughter Jet,
she can use it as she sees fit, I will be pleased it will be in use...
the flash has made the colour look dodgy!!!!


Give away time....


THREE bags...
this is a small one

which would you choose?
Let me know and it could be yours.
They gotta go I need the room to make more.....hahahahaha


Tuesday, 23 February 2010


Packages to -


hope they all arrive safely...


OK I know I am running late - story of my life just recently - here for you are some pictures of my group's day on Saturday. Most of them have opted to make small versions of Dear Jane Quilt's which I have designed for them. Five ladies don't wish to make it so I had to come up with something else for them. To say I was running round like a headless chicken is putting it mildly.  I was totally whacked when I got home.

Marian and Jose sorting the bits out for their Placemat/Quilt...
Gail and Michelle concentrating on the Dear Jane pattern pieces...
8" blocks on Point for the Dear Jane - from various ladies...
top two are 4 1/2" squares YIKES!
lower ones are 6" blocks - that's more like it!!!
all from various ladies again...
Some of the ladies managed to complete their wall hangings
which were done as an on-going project last year...
Enjoy the show...

this one was
her first Quilt
her first time of Quilting - all by hand
Her first completed item
Well done indeed the quilting was fabulous on this one...
Strange, but we had a LOT of bags on show Saturday!!!!
these made by my Suzanne, well done Suz...
What a face!!!
Neil helps out where ever he can bless him.
He was quite taken with this bag - it was funny reading all the bits on it...
this is the other side of above bag...
Unususal bag...
Quilt made by other daughter - Annette...
this one too - this is ready for quilting now...
gorgeous, I love it...
This was made by Sylvia,
at a class by Tilly - who -
used to come to my classes, but now teaches herself...
Finally a Quilt for a Soldier
from a lady from another group...
thank you so much it will be passed on.

Lots more to put on but am off to bed right now.
Tomorrow is another day
See you then

Friday, 19 February 2010


My Grand daughter has pulled out the
and it is
I will be in touch for the address.

Thank you so much to everyone who entered,
I am sorry you couldn't all win,
but then again,
maybe you have - on someone else's Blog.

I found this a very interesting exercise....It was lovely to have gained some new friends too.


Thursday, 18 February 2010


We met my lovely friend Pat in town and finally exchanged Christmas Gifts. Look what she bought me...

Aren't I just so lucky, I was only looking on Amazon at that very book last night.
Thank you so much Pat I am going to enjoy that book
and the fabrics from Alaska too
Bless you xxxx


Meantime back tracking to the 14th
Rebecca made this card for her Gagee for Valentine's Day -

isn't it clever, she did it all by herself -
he loves it of course

and last but not least -
I had a delivery today, look at all these goodies -
I blame Di and Maggi and Myfanwy


Wednesday, 17 February 2010


Not that I am boasting or anything, but.........

Beautiful aren't they, but wicked thorns on them...

shame about my feet in this picture....

I best tell you that Rebecca got a bunch too -
hers was bigger than mine!!!!



Sunday, 14 February 2010


I was awarded this by Myfanwy of  a complete surprise I can tell you.
Thank you Myfanwy, I am chuffed of course you think my Blog good enough for this tell you the truth. I am such a natterer I always wonder if send folk to sleep!!!! hee hee


First you have to put the LOGO on your Blog, either in the message or at the side....
Second you have to pass it on to 5 more Bloggers of your choosing....
Third Link their Blogs within the post on your Blog...
Fourth Let them know they have been awarded by making a comment on their Blog.

OK here goes...
First one done, this is the Logo, it is so pretty isn't it

FIVE BLOGGERS I wish to pass the Award to;
well of course, this is going to be difficult because I know so many Bloggers and quite honestly ALL of them deserve an award of some sort, but rules is rules, so, here we are in no particular order...

This is my lovely American friend Noel it seems to me I have known her for ever and a day, she is my long distance friend I really hope to meet one day, she picks me up when I am down, she is perfect. I admire her for her Faith, she knows I don't have any!! but doesn't hold it against me. She is perfect.

This is Ros. I met Ros through a Forum on the Web, she told me one day she was going to be driving quite near to where I live, could she call in. Great, of course she could. She arrived with her husband and we spent a lovely hour or so, chatting and looking at fabrics, whatever, it went so quick - I realised Ros has great Faith like Noel, but like her she doesn't hold it against me that I have none. Ros is a very gifted lady as you will see when you visit her Blog. She too is perfect
Now here we have my friend Marian. I have to say she is not just MY friend she is also a wonderful friend to my daughter, they have more chats actually than I can name. They laugh and joke together and Marian is always there for good advice. When you go to visit her Blog you will see she makes stunning quilts, her favourites being Black and White ones. She has beautiful Grand Children of whom she is justly proud. They are really beautiful children. She gets the most amazing fabrics for us from the market where she lives. She is kind, generous, fun, perfect.

Now this Blog will knock your socks off as the Americans say. I came across Geta's Blog by accident one day whilst surfing the Web. I am so glad I did. I have learnt a wonderful form of Trapunto from Geta, also how to make the most amazing bags. You really must visit her Blog when you have lots of time, get a coffee or something and take your time, again be prepared to be amazed at the fantastic work you will see. Geta is, like her work - perfect.

Here we have Angela's Blog. If you haven't yet discovered her Blog. What on earth have you been doing? You really must go and view it, right now. I met Angela last year at the Festival of Quilts, in Birmingham, she recognised me by my green nails!!! Long story. Anyway, we hit it off right away, and have become firm friends. It is really weird because we think so much alike, when emailing, we have very often said exactly the same things. How weird is that. Angela is talented to excess. I am in awe of her work. Downright jealous if truth be told. She is very often published in the Popular Patchwork Magazine and is beginning a new venture of selling her wonderful designs on the Web. That is hot off the press news folks!!!! So you see you must go and visit you never know what you may find. Because we are so alike I really have to say she is perfect too.   :-)

Oh my goodness there are five there already, I have such a long list ready too,
so please visit;

Oh what the heck I am having SIX, here again is another of my wonderful American Friends, Tonya, I have to tell you she has a hunky partner and a gorgeous little son, Hi E.  We have wonderful chats on Skype very often, she is wonderful, so friendly, so generous, loving, helpful, kind, all of those wonderful things we look for in a friend. She is Perfect.


I could just go on and on and on and on, so rather than do that, just look at my side bar and visit all those wonderful Blogs you see listed there, your time will not be wasted I guarntee. Like me, you may find new friends, you will certainly be inspired.  So there we have it, I have completed the Rules and Regulations!!! Almost!! I am off now to tell the five I have chosen they are getting an award. Hope it is alright with them.
Have fun folks visiting everyone.


Good grief I have been given an award. Thank you indeed Myfanwy, what a surprise. Now, I have some rules to follow so I will get back to it tomorrow, well, later today. Gosh, I have an award....


It is Chinese New Year- the year of the TIGER, I showed Rebecca today how to make lanterns, she had great fun chopping up my computer paper!!!!! It's alright, it was old stuff I had used and didn't need anymore, think she is looking to make some with my lovely coloured paper, we shall see miss. Just look at that picture, butter wont melt in my mouth!!!!


My goodies arrived from Myfanwy on Friday morning, but with Blogger playing silly wotsits with me I didn't manage to get the pictures up, so here they are for you to see what I am now delving into!!! All Di's fault.

Books and water colour paints...

A piece of 'altered' paper Myfanwy has already done -
will mine be as pretty as this?

and this believe it or not, is a piece of tissue paper [I think] she has done,
isn't that amazing...
I love these Myfanwy, thank you so much...
[this is better in real life so to speak - the colours are more delicate]

I am really looking forward to getting sloppy with the paints now, like a big kid.
Myfanwy suggested Rebecca may like to do it too,
she may be better at it than her Nana too...
I will ask her, honest.
hee hee


Remember this bag give away?

Well -
Thank you all of you for taking part and helping me clear out some UFO's I have a few more bags I shall put up in the week, similar to the one above.
Sorry you couldn't all win.

REMINDER that tomorrow is the last day for signing up on the
Give Away,
the post is a few posts down if you wish to join in,
anyone can, Blog or no Blog,
as long as I can get in touch with you somehow,
I don't mind.
The Quilt is finished, bar the label - picture tomorrow

the front...

the back -
now if you look really closely ay the back, you will see - oh dear -
in two areas, the tension on my machine went lala for some reason,
luckily I spotted it and changed it,
but I was unable to
undo the stitching I had already done as the fabric on the back leaves holes once quilted.
Apologies for that.
IF you wish to change your mind
and not want it just let me know.