Thursday, 11 February 2010


I am actually pleasantly surprised - and pleased - at the way these have turned out. I did the base fabrics following a class on the Colouricious programme. I found it fun to do, but then all that cutting. Drove me crazy, the scissors kept getting stuck, but I was determined to chop to the base as the lady had said to do. I do believe I managed it in the end, I may, OK I may have missed a few, but oh my hand hurt so much and she said not to use one of those chenille cutters, I don't own one anyway!!!
Not sure I would do it again, but at least I gave it a go.
Di, are you proud of me????

I managed to make three as I cut the large piece of fabric I had made in half...

I really like this one but can't find a notebook the proper size to fit, it isn't quite A4...

The following two were made from the piece of fabric I had made and cut in half,
think it worked!!! Tell you what though, cutting round and round, almost
sent me round the bend, looks fun though don't you think - this is just shy of an exercise book size...

Almost the same size as the previous one,
possibly a 'tad' smaller, not a lot in it.
NOW, what do I do with them?

My friend Noel shall have one
Which will she choose?



I completed the quilting on the OWOH Quilt, yippee just the binding to do tomorrow and a label.



I also completed the Cathedral Window stuff for the tutorial, going to take me a while to sort the photo's to load on my other Blog. Bear with me folks, it will be here or rather, there, very soon.



Pat said...

You did a nice job with these. (Of course, I'm not surprised!)

Di said...

I'm REALLY proud of you! Looks like a LOT of hard work. Maybe when my house gets back to normal(I can actually use the new cooker tonight and the washer, fridge and freezer), I can spend some time upstairs.

Anonymous said...

Oh I love them. Is that a silkie in the middle of the big one? What a great notebook cover, I bet they would be durable too. Very beautiful!!!

Ann Flowers

Cath said...

They look great jan, and my hand is hurting just reading about it! I've had a go at this too, but on a smaller scale, and no curves....just straight lines. That was bad enough. Yours were definitely worth all the pain though.


maggi said...

They are lovely Jan and well worth the effort. You could always make your own signature pages for the ones that aren't the right size.

Reflections of life and art said...

Oh my gosh....I love these Jan you did a fantastic job....I'll bet your hand hurt!
Oh I get to pick one....I like the one with the circle on the outside and the purple trim all around....oh the ladies will be envious at bible study when I walk in with this!
Thank you my friend I will cherish it!
Hugs xoxo

Myfanwy said...

Well done! You know, it may be that before long you could make a book to exactly fit into that book cover..... ;0)

jan said...

thank you all of you for the great comments. My head is swelling by the second!!!!

it is yours me dear with pleasure. You have changed your picture again!!

erm! sorry I don't know what a Silkie is, I printed a picture off the web onto fabric, not silk tho.

mwah mwah how much do I owe you now? hahahaha

I will I promise with your help.

It is all your fault of course. You make me do all these things. I have told Myfanwy about you. Bossing me about, taking me out of my comfort zone.........
hee hee

Myfanwy said...

I'm passing on an award. You can see find out about it here