Sunday, 14 February 2010


Good grief I have been given an award. Thank you indeed Myfanwy, what a surprise. Now, I have some rules to follow so I will get back to it tomorrow, well, later today. Gosh, I have an award....


It is Chinese New Year- the year of the TIGER, I showed Rebecca today how to make lanterns, she had great fun chopping up my computer paper!!!!! It's alright, it was old stuff I had used and didn't need anymore, think she is looking to make some with my lovely coloured paper, we shall see miss. Just look at that picture, butter wont melt in my mouth!!!!


My goodies arrived from Myfanwy on Friday morning, but with Blogger playing silly wotsits with me I didn't manage to get the pictures up, so here they are for you to see what I am now delving into!!! All Di's fault.

Books and water colour paints...

A piece of 'altered' paper Myfanwy has already done -
will mine be as pretty as this?

and this believe it or not, is a piece of tissue paper [I think] she has done,
isn't that amazing...
I love these Myfanwy, thank you so much...
[this is better in real life so to speak - the colours are more delicate]

I am really looking forward to getting sloppy with the paints now, like a big kid.
Myfanwy suggested Rebecca may like to do it too,
she may be better at it than her Nana too...
I will ask her, honest.
hee hee


Remember this bag give away?

Well -
Thank you all of you for taking part and helping me clear out some UFO's I have a few more bags I shall put up in the week, similar to the one above.
Sorry you couldn't all win.

REMINDER that tomorrow is the last day for signing up on the
Give Away,
the post is a few posts down if you wish to join in,
anyone can, Blog or no Blog,
as long as I can get in touch with you somehow,
I don't mind.
The Quilt is finished, bar the label - picture tomorrow

the front...

the back -
now if you look really closely ay the back, you will see - oh dear -
in two areas, the tension on my machine went lala for some reason,
luckily I spotted it and changed it,
but I was unable to
undo the stitching I had already done as the fabric on the back leaves holes once quilted.
Apologies for that.
IF you wish to change your mind
and not want it just let me know.



Ann Flowers said...

1st. I am sure the award was well earned. Your blog is super!

2nd. congrats to Maggi, how fun to use that awesome bag!

The paper looks lovely. I cant wait to see what you come up with yourself!! My daughter is totally into water colors right now, Shes been getting all the books she can from the library on how to paint. i will have to show her this post when she comes home tomorrow:)

Have a lovely day and look forward to seeing all your wonderful work!!!

Ann Flowers

maggi said...

Well done for the award, it is so deserved. And I won!!!! Fantastic, the bag is gorgeous, thank you so much. Bet you have fun with the papers. I had a go last night and the results are lovely and so easy.

Cath said...

OOOOH Jan!! Congratulations on your award, it's certainly well deserved, and have fun with the paints! You will enjoy them.....I promise.

Congratulations to Maggi too, I just know that she will enjoy using your beautiful bag.

jan said...

Thank you girls, twas a surprise to get it. Very kind of M really. There are others more desrving than me. I chat too much I know.

I thought I had sent you an email to tell you about the bag, I do apologise.

Would be good to see some of your daughters water colours... YOu are way way too kind to me you know...

I know I wont be anywwhere near as talented with the paints as you and Maggi, but I am willing to give it a go. Probably end up with a lot of 'mud' coloured sheets. hahahaha, no prob, will think of a use for them. Mudflat swaps, there you go...

You are all the best you know that don't you.

Tonya's Sewing Room said...

I think your OWOH quilt looks fine. I know you stressed over it. It looks lovely. So so deserved on the blog award. GO YOU

Reflections of life and art said...

I like Rebs lantern....i need to remember these for my Sunday School kids...they'd love to make them. Looks like you will be playing with more goodies and yes yours will be just as nice only better because they're your creations....I wish I knew you wanted water colors....I have tons...I know I'll send some your way...different then the ones you and Reb can play will your hearts content.
Congratulations to the winner...Maggie enjoy.