Friday, 26 February 2010


Sometimes I wonder why I am bothering at all. I have come on the computer this evening because I know there will be an email waiting for me to make a payment to someone....and what happens....AOL is saying I am loading an invalid password. Driving me absolutely crazy, I typed it in slowly- slowly -slowly to get it right, as I know sometimes I do it too fast for them - hah - but nope, it just wont work this evening. I shall try one more time in a minute or two, then I shall have to leave it and try in the morning and then if it still doesn't work??? IT man cometh! Doesn't it drive you crazy?

Here is a picture of a Quilt I made for Lisa,
I wasn't sure how to Quilt it really, but once it was under the needle of the machine,
the feathers took over.

Lovely fabrics to work with.
after many times of typing the same password over and over and over again,
I thumped the keys and
Into my emails I got....
After all that the one I wanted wasn't there...
Sod's Law


Cal said...

MSN used to do that to me when I tried to log in to hotmail. It never worked at the first time, regardless of how slowly or accurately I typed it.
Love the feathered quilting, it gives it another dimension.

Anonymous said...

Oh I love the colors of the quilt. and the feather stitching complements it perfectly. Stunning really.

I hate problems with password. I hope you get in soon. Plus you reminded me I need to pay my electric:)

Ann Flowers

jan said...

Hi Pat,
Only the Electric? Had to do the Electric, Gas and Phone bills today. ARGH..Retail therapy of the worst kind.

Pat said...

NICE quilting on that one! I hate when that stupid password stuff comes up....and you know you have the password right, but THEY don't seem to understand that and don't let you into your own account. It is maddening!!!

Reflections of life and art said...

what a beautiful the colors and the this a lap quilt or bigger to hang on the wall?
the internet has been acting up the past couple of days so that may be part of many electronic devices clogging up the signals....or aliens...take your!

angéliquepatch said...

Thanks for your visit on my blog ! We have many things in common : we like and make fabric postcards and we love Robbie !! I give you the address of my photostream on flickr.
I make many postcard and ATC swaps.
Have a nice week-end !

Cath said...

Oh Jan, technology can be such a two edged sword!!

Love the quilt, and especially the feather quilting.

searchfamilies said...

What a beautiful Quilt well done.
I had that not with a e-mail but something else they finally put that the site was having work done on it lol well you take care
Hugs Janice

Cobblestone Cabin said...

It is such a lovely Quilt Janet, I cant thankyou enough.

You truly have done a fantastic job.