Thursday, 25 February 2010


How could I have forgotten this -
Suzanne gave me this book on Saturday,
as you can see, I have started to read it -

Finished, done and dusted,
not my usual colours I have to say,
I expect it will grow on me.
I did this last year at my group for an ongoing project -
This is my version of it.

Have to say I am glad it is done.


Tonya's Sewing Room said...

It's very pretty, just like that man in the above picture.

Anonymous said...

I think it turned out gorgeous. I love the colors. I am a total blue lover! And since I suck at Sane quilting I am in awe of your beautiful work:):):):)

Ann Flowers

Mary said...

Very cute quilt. I've decided I'm just going to admire other quilter's applique quilts and stop thinking I'm going to like doing it myself!

Maggie R said...

Goodmorning Jan..
Just popped by to see what you are up to... Love this quilt.... I do like the colors ....very pretty...
I have been busy quilting on my snowman quilt... Nearly done(3 years ago I started it) guess I got side tracked.
I will be off to retreat soon and so I better go dig out my "English Cottages" Remember my story about that one!! Maybe this will be the year to finish it!! hahahahha
Have a warm cosy day

searchfamilies said...

Great Quilt, it been nice to see all the different ones of this pattern at quilting group
Hugs Janice