Monday, 31 December 2007


Good grief it's New Year's Eve. Tomorrow will be 2008. How strange that looks. I am sitting here thinking of all the new things I have done this year and achieved. I am feeling quite pleased with myself actually, although I did tell myself that I would let D and E know name of my Blog on 1st day to go.


What was it I was going to say? Only joking...
In all the build up and present giving and receiving and then putting all my piccies up here, I completely forgot to mention that on Christmas Day, just when A switched the ring on the cooker,
electric off, R and S were there so he went to flip the trip switch (!) all back, on goes the ring again,
Bugger, off it all went again. Cooker pulled out, hubby checks the bit behind and finds the wonderful electrician who re-wired the flat, had left a wire hanging loose and a screw not even tightened up. All sorted, back to the veggies,
Bloody hell now what. Well between Hubby and R it was decided not to use the front ring. Switch was duly thrown again (!) and another ring chosen for the veggies..........................
YES. It worked, veggies duly got cooked but meantime the poor turkey in the oven was cooked to....hmmmm................the Sahara desert comes to mind. BUT, we ate it cos it was such a shame. Few tears from A, but she soon got over it. The Christmas pudding was yummy.
An eventful dinner was had by all, because S and R had left a loaf cooking in their new bread maker machine, I dread to think what it looked like when it come out, because they had to go up to Cemetery when they left us to see Bren.
After all the festivities have gone, A has to ring the Council to inform them they employed a load of eejits to rewire the flat and that it now needs for someone to come back and sort it...properly this time.
This you have to understand is a much edited version of what hubby has said to tell the Council!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Sunday, 30 December 2007


This is the purple one I kept as my part of the swap, you can obviously see why.. after I had finished sewing the fabric part, it had shifted on the voile, grrrr, unable to straighten it as I hadn't allowed any extra fabric. Lesson learned there... Plus some of the beads started to unravel, I fixed that with PVA but was cross nevertheless.. so this one is mine.


These are the cards I made for a swap I am in. They finished a bit TOO purple so I had to sew on some beads and gold stars. That was much better, they now look pretty good. I think! These are the cards I sent...

Thursday, 27 December 2007


Phew, I am going to be busy for the next few days (weeks ?) I have entered my name to a few swaps ...
  • Another 1 - 2 - 1
  • Pick-a-word ... I chose Hat ....!!!!
  • My interpretation of Birds in Winter ... this is ATC size
  • January Mingle ... my interpretation of January
  • February Mingle ... as above but February
These are in addition to the two swap Groups I am already in of course!!!
Oh, what the heck, I had lots of threads for Christmas and S bought me lots of supplies for my postcards so I've GOT to keep making them. Someone, somewhere, will want a card ... won't they?
I've also set the Theme for the monthly challenge for January on one site ... KEY ... I hope some of the ladies will enter it, I would, but I can't, as I set the Theme, not allowed.
I have finished my 'Purple' themed cards, they are ready for message then posting. Will scan them into computer tomorrow and whack them here. It was nice to get back to my sewing tonight. Seemed ages since I had done any.


Postcard received from Ann in France and mine sent to her for the 1 - 2 - 1 swap we were in.

Ann's is the tree - mine the snowmen.

AND MORE... ...

I also got these two fabulous books...
Four bottles of wine AND
a Poinsettia




All that fuss and it's over in a few days, well, one to be exact.
Back to normal in this household, Hubby gone off to work so I have the day to myself, well, until 3 o/clock-ish when he is home again.
So how have I spent my time?
I have checked my Swap sites and found I have a new card to make as one of the swaps has gone to file. I am to make two and a half inch by 3 and half inch cards [!!!], five of them, the theme is birds in winter! Hmmmm, now why did I sign up for that one, what the heck am I going to do for that? Birds Janet. That's what. Will put pik up when I have them done.
I have a few things to catch up with actually, the 5 purple cards and the 1-2-1 swap card I received I must put pik here for you to see. Ha ha ha, WHO to see.
Di, if you are reading this yet, sorry again I didn't let you know about my blog, wanted to get used to it first.
ANYWAY, for Christmas, I got, ohhhh lots of lovely things, threads and fabrics and books and a digi camera, bear, bath stuff, chocolate, Robbie calendars, kitchen calendar, green nail polish, I am gonna try to scan them.......

Saturday, 22 December 2007


I received this wonderful card from my friend Elaine who lives in America. Thank you so much Elaine, what a wonderful surprise, lol.


Gosh is the word.
Well my cards have started arriving and it seems they like them, yesss, particularly if I have put a little bit of history on the back, which I must admit I didn't do on all of them, as all that writing really made my wrist ache.
BUT..... then you see, because I mentioned that on the swap site, one of the girls posted a copy of a print out postcard backing I can use, so I can actually type my message, then print it onto fabric, and hey presto.... How neat is that?
I am going to give it a go first to see if I understand the instructions properly, no good typing loads then it not printing right!!
So for me, this was definitely the right thing to do, join a swap....or two.
I have now got to go back and re-read my messages as I don't want to repeat myself here and look a complete wally!!
I have NEWS.......

Tuesday, 11 December 2007


Right, there is nothing I can do about the infamous 'regional' cards so they will be posted. I just can't waste all that work, time and effort. I have posted an apology on the swap site so may get kicked off when they start receiving my cards.

Lesson learned?

Not quite sure what lesson, but at the back of my mind there is something kicking around there.

It's probably a huge placard saying...



And here is another!!!


This is one of the cards


Well, I feel really let down by Northampton. Reason? One of the swaps I am in has asked for the cards to be Regional!
So there you have it.
There is absolutely NOTHING here.
Nothing to sing about.
NOTHING to put on a postcard.

I went to town and collected what I thought would be good for the cards... leaflets of 78 Derngate, Balloon Festival and Shoe Museum. Printed them all onto fabrics and made all the cards.
Ho-hum don't look too bad!!

Anyway sent off first 6. Yep SIX. Have actually made ALL the rest too...
Been looking at the site and the cards the OTHERS are sending are sounding pretty gorgeous, there are two girls who have BEARS for goodness sake outside their doors. DON'T, just don't ask what's outside mine.

Bit fed up to say the least.

Saturday, 1 December 2007


Just been looking at previous posts and have noticed one of my charity cards has sneaked onto the slide show. Please don't ask how, I have NO IDEA. The gremlins are playing havoc with me today.


I just cannot believe we are already here in December. Where has this year gone. I was going to do so much and feel I have achieved nothing. Oh well, not really nothing as I now have a Blog and am in 3 swaps.

Just posting a few pictures, 3 more cards for Charity, 2 for swap I am in and a Christmas Tree for a competition that is a non-starter as I seem to be the only one entering.
MUST BE CANCELLED..............................................................