Wednesday, 1 October 2008


I have been asked several times 'how do you make your cards?'

So to answer everyone who has, I have taken photographs as I made one, and this is the result. I do hope you are able to follow it successfully, that it is clear enough for you, and that you will ask me if anything is not easily understood. I will always answer questions here or by email.

If you click on each photo you will see I have made remarks on each as to what that picture refers to. You will obviously have a different machine to me so will have to adjust yours as near to what I did - if you wish to - to get the same results.

If this has made your postcard making easier do let me know.I know there are lots of lessons on the web for the postcards, mine is just literally MY WAY of making these little works of art.


Here we are at the end of the basic assembly of your card. Now it is time to do those edges. I will make a separate post on the way I do mine. I hope you have enjoyed this lesson so far.


Leah said...

Janet, Such a wonderful lesson! I love all the photos. I am always amazed at your postcards and how you make them. Thanks for sharing this info with us. It will make us all better crafters. :)


Noel said...

WOW, great tutorial Janet!! I like how you did step by step...very easy to follow....I think I will have to give this a go....nice on tell me where did you get the flower sequins you used....gotta get me some of those!

I can't wait to see the other part to this will show us how to finish the back as well...I always have a problem with the stitching showing through on the back.


Anonymous said...

Janet, you are such a sweetheart to share your dragonfly technique with us, step-by-step and with photos!

I am going to be reading, rereading and trying to make a dragonfly as beautiful as yours.

thank you,
sue /ca
aka quiltpixie

jan said...

Hello Leah, I don't know about making you better crafters, I just wanted people to see how I made mine, I hope it will be of use to folk. Lots of piks but couldn't think of any other way to do it. Oh, read the last bit on the next post, hubby did make me smile!!!!! Bless you for your kind remarks. :-) lol jan

jan said...

Hi Noel, AT LAST. I hear you say. I told you I would do it. Glad you like it. The last part is now on for folk to see how I do my edges. Again, lots of piks to work through!!
I will send you some of the flower sequins, I can get them in different colours. You cant say no to me my girl, I have bought them already. HAH! lol jan :-)

jan said...

Hi Sue/ca, this is down to you and Noel you know. Other people had asked me time and again, so it was time to stop dithering and get the job done. I shall look forward to seeing if anyone is able to make a card this way. I know there are lots of tutorials on the web, I hope mine is a little different. lol jan x :-)

fabricpixie said...

Hi Jan,

With grateful tears in my eyes, I thank you again, for THIS is the card you sent me!

You are a lovely friend across the pond.

hugs sue /ca

Joan said...

Thank you so much for sharing Janet... I am looking forward now to the next one :) I just love your cards.