Thursday, 23 October 2008


When I posted the last message about house sitting, you know I thought it was Friday already. Yippee. Its only Thursday, soon to be Friday but never-the-less, I had more time than I thought. Where was I? What was I thinking? Brain addled or what?

My excuse is, I had been to the Doctors, that is yesterday, Wednesday, to discuss the findings of the ex-rays of my neck.

Hmmm, yes there is wear and tear which I can accept. I am knocking on a bit hahaha. The top of the cervical spine has two fused thingies, so nothing can be done about them. Knew that. But, they appear to be very interested in what is happening lower down my spine, so I am being referred to the Pain Clinic, I have great faith in these folk, they worked wonders on my hand. The Doc said something about an injection between the thingies in my spine. Ho hum. Too much information. This is all down to an 'accident' I had as a child apparently. Gracious me!

Anyway, the outcome is, I have to wait for a letter to come for an appointment with them, it could be in two weeks time or two months! I can wait, I've waited this long, a few more days, weeks, months wont hurt. Well it will hurt my neck, but you know what I mean.

It would be great if they can do something for me, it is getting more and more painful lifting up my head. Sometimes my head feels sooooo heavy on my poor neck, I could scream. When it gets that bad, I have to just go and lay down til the spasm, whatever it is, passes. I use that time to dream up Quilts, Quilts, Quilts.


~ Phyllis ~ said...

I'm so sorry about your neck pain.
My husband had those injections in his spine. They did help him a good bit with the pain. Hope the people at the pain clinic will help you and soon.

jan said...

Hi Phyllis, I have my fingers crossed.