Monday, 13 October 2008


Some of you may remember that game on Sunday night at the London Palladium with Bruce Forsyth. Good grief I am going back a l-o-n-g time now...

BUT, this is what I have been doing this evening, trying to beat the clock.

I remembered, suddenly, that I had said I would enter a competition on the Pop Patchwork site, over there in the right hand column, it is to make a block of Pink Marigolds,--- oops!!---It closes tomorrow, and guess what?

I hadn't started the block. So I roped in my daughter who found all the fabrics from my stash for me this morning.

We then had to go to town and beat some sense into the SSD (social services),did that, and some shopping, and some lunch in town, more shopping, back home, collected R from school. Back home, dinner, then at last to my machine at 7.30pm

Cut out the pieces for the block. quickly !! whipped it up, hmmm not too sure bout the colours now, too late she cried. Finished the block patched part did the applique, machine zipping round those leaves. Held it up and thought, mmm, it is lacking something. A bit of glitz. NO TIME.

Took photos, they were dreadful, hubby took some, they are better, typical!! Got them on the computer, played with them to get them to right size, went on site and---- discovered the competition doesn't end til tomorrow night, SO I WILL be able to do my glitz before I need to post the picture.

I am not expecting to win with this block, but I do feel it is important to take part when you belong to a group, don't you?

The reason I have put 'oops' up there is because the comp is for PINK Marigolds, and guess what....mine aren't anywhere near PINK! hahahaha I am soooo bad.

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