Sunday, 19 October 2008


Although I didn't do anything today at my group, how lazy!!, I feel more tired, why is that do you know? Pictures tomorrow of the lovely ladies and what they got up to.


~ Phyllis ~ said...

The same thing happens to me when I go to my knitting or spinning groups. Even though they are very relaxing and I usually only stay 1-2 hours, I am usually exhausted by the end of the day. I've always suspected that it's because I'm doing something that I don't do on a daily basis. I have a friend that goes to these groups also and she says the same thing happens to her.

Reflections of life and art said...

Janet...sounds like your mind and body had a very relaxing day and that's why you're tired.....they weren't taxed to the max...hehehe....nice isn't it!

Di said...

It was a great day. WE were all like little children - sticking and glueing and getting VERY messy in the process. Mind you, didn't see you sitting down very much???.

jan said...

Hi Phyllis,
I do get tired normally but yesterday, I wasn't the one who was doing the demonstration, my friend 'volunteered' hahaha to do it, so for the whole day I did absolutely nothing. Really. Nothing. Zilch. I was more tired than normal, weird isn't it?

Hiya Noel,
I wouldn't say it was totally relaxing, things happen that I have to sort out throughout the day, had to make sure everyone was listening to B, I shout at them normally but poor B speaks so quietly, had to make sure peeps were quiet when she spoke. Twas fun!!!

Hi Di,
glad you enjoyed it, have you seen the piks yet? Some good ones there. hohoho. It seemed that everyone got 'stuck in' OMG sorry bout that, couldn't resist it! :-)