Friday, 17 October 2008


Oh, good grief. I got hubby to take these photos for me just now and unfortunately they are wrong in the colours. I'm posting them here so you can see I got the quilt done, I didn't think I would get it completed, well its not, not really, cos its not quilted yet. Anyway, this first picture is just to show you the flying geese parts of the block are 3D effect, that is my elegant hand holding up the geese!! Oh do look at the bracelet, GD made it for me, isn't it pretty, I wear it all the time.

Here is the whole thing, I am very pleased with it, cant wait to quilt it now. I like the secondary pattern you get from the two blocks. I will post a better picture tomorrow.


Anonymous said...

Wrong colors or not, that is one gorgeous hanging! I, too, love the pattern formed by the two blocks.

jan said...

Hi cq4fun,
I really must get round to doing the right picture, tomorrow maybe, thank you for the lovely comment. :-)