Monday, 27 October 2008


Last week was a bit of a horrible week but that is all behind me now. I start afresh.

I am just back from house-sitting yet again for my elder daughter. I am going to put some piks here of the 'Zoo' I have to look after. She doesn't know it, but when she visits here, she will find I have posted piks of all the cats, etc etc. Oh blow, just thought I forgot to take a pik of the fish. Tch! Oh, and I forgot NOISY.

This is MAZ, my favourite - if you look closely, you will see she has one blue and one white eye, how neat is that. She is a British White and she is the mum of; Emma, Foggy, and Onion.

EMMA, who is a little munchkin, she is the one who always goes missing when I go house-sitting. But not this time, aha, I managed to get her in and she stayed in!!! I had to take two pictures to get a good one of her, little madam isn't she. She is very vociferous!

just look at those she thinking she is going to make a run for it?
Here are Maz's two sons. FOGGY and ONION. I do sometimes get these two mixed up, but there is a difference, one is fluffy and the other is sleek, and I also thing one has blue eyes and the other green. Best check on that with S. They are always hungry cos they go out all day.Now this little girl is called PILCHARD. She was abandoned at the Garage Rich owned with his dad, so he brought her home, a little scrap of a thing she was, but baby, look at her now. She will insist on rubbing against my legs, I cannot stand it, she knows it. So she does it.

CHABLIS Here is another of the abandoned cats. This one was found it Rich' dads garden so again, she was brought to their house, and there she stayed cos after informing the cats protection league no-one claimed her. She knew I wanted a picture of her and shut her eyes at just the time I clicked the shutter. Another madam.
She is a very pretty cat as you can see. Very playful too. I love watching her chasing and sometimes biting - silly thing - her tail. Not me, her.
Now we have BERTIE, he is an African Grey Parrot. I have to admit I am not a lover of birds, they scare me, but as long as Bert is in his cage I am okay with him. Bertie is very clever he imitates everything he hears, so I never feel lonely when I am at the house. He chats away like a mad thing, first in Suz voice then Rich, he even mimics my message ring tone on my mobile phone. ha ha, much to Rich' disgust. I am teaching him to say, Robbie Williams, and to sing the first line of Angels, one day he may do it. When he stretches he has the most amazing red tail feathers, you may just be able to make them out. He is one smart parrot.

There are the fish of course, which I forgot to photograph, they don't have anywhere near as many as they used to, all the Angel fish died, that was a shame cos they were pretty. I have also forgotten a picture of Noisy, he is the outdoors cat. The people who lived over the back of S and R moved house and left him behind, so what do S and R do? Take him in of course. They call him Noisy because, well, he is noisy, very noisy.

I find it hard work, but someone has to do it so they can get away. I will continue to house-sit until it becomes too much for me. Their stairs and the bending feeding the cats, get to me a bit these days, but what else is a mum for I ask you? Besides it is my 'quiet' time when I go there. No computer and no sewing machine. I read and bead for a change.

This time I took a book A had given me to read, and my icicle dolls to finish. Didn't finish either, the book or the dolls. Took me one whole night to do the hair of one doll!!! Why does it take me so long Noel? The book was excellent but very sad, I had to stop reading it to get my thoughts sorted and not to cry.

The book is...........'goodnight, beautiful' by Dorothy Koomson. I have read three of hers now, all totally different, all brilliant as far as I am concerned. I came home today and sat reading until I had finished it, HUGE lump in throat at the end.


Leah said...

Such wonderful Cats. I would love to have that many keeping me company around here. Hubby will only let me have two though. Maybe one day I can talk him into more. :)

jan said...

Luckily they have a big house or they would be under your feet. They do get under mine the little munchkins but they are gorgeous. :-)