Thursday, 9 October 2008


After dinner this evening I finally got sorted on the fabric I shall use for the Bag I spoke about a few posts ago. I kept changing one of the fabrics, which then threw out the others, but I have finally settled on some. I shall post a picture of the fabrics here tomorrow.

On my way back from town today, [I had been to the Hospital to visit a Friend of mine who is very poorly,] I called at the market, and do you know I could not stop my finger from buying yet more fabric from Ash. Two beautiful voile's, one very pink and one a yukky green, and a gold sparkly mesh fabric. I wonder what it will make me do with those!! I would most definitely NOT have bought the green, oh well, a challenge there I guess.

Enough of this silliness now, people will begin to think I am some sort of crazy woman. Although, you all probably already think that, due to me sitting here talking away to a computer. DOH! as my GD would say.

I am happy to see I have some more Followers, I have been to look at their Blogs and must add them to my list over the side bar for you also to be able to visit. Although I guess if you click on their pictures, it probably takes you to them anyway. So go look at them all but remember to come back.

I have been a good girl today, I got all the newsletter and inserts done in their envelopes, sealed, stamped and posted, all in one day. WHEW! gold star to me. We shall be making some Christmas Ornaments and some small quilties. Busy busy day ahead.


Reflections of life and art said...

Jan sorry to hear that Dorthy is dong poorly! Still lifting her up in prayer.
Glad to hear that you are doing better and you were out and about...I'm sure it did you good...especially in buying the fabric...hehehe!
Can't wait to see your purse..I'm sure it will be beautiful!

jan said...

I have to get permission first as its not my design. I am loving making it, just going to post the fabrics I am using for it.