Tuesday, 28 October 2008


Today it snowed. It actually settled and turned the lawns to white. Even though it had been forecast, it was still a bit of a shock to the system. Well, you never believe what the weather people say do you? I don't. I think a piece of seaweed would be far more honest!!!

This being a Tuesday, the computer is being all narky! I have no idea why, but always on a Tuesday evening it plays up. I ought to give Tuesday a miss, then I wouldn't get so angry and frustrated with it.

This afternoon an old friend - in time not age!! - came up to see me. She is thinking of buying a computer, and I of course am urging her to do just that. I invited her up to play with mine, she wouldn't actually use it, just sat at the side of me and watched how I did it. I am hoping to get her here again and plonk her in front and make her go for it. I explained that I taught myself mostly, at the start of having a computer my friend Di helped me a lot, although I have to admit when she was here explaining things to me, I always thought she was talking in double dutch to me. Sorry Di! hee hee. It really is best, I have tried to explain, to just sit and play. The same as a sewing machine really, play and learn.

That is precisely what I have been doing this evening at my machine. Playing! I am still trying to make some journal covers, [book covers]- I think!! at long last I have it. My word I have it!! I am playing with the fabric and thread, remember the flowers on Leah's bag, I liked the way they turned out so much, I am using them again. Boring aren't I? Don't answer that. As soon as I have one finished, I will post a picture here.

Just thought, I should have taken a picture of the snow. Blow! Its all gone now of course.

This evening I was on the PP site and chatting to Tessa. She is a lovely lady, very talented, she has just made a fabulous table runner, it is brilliant. Tessa is getting me some pelmet vilene for my cards. She works in a shop called Just Sew in Penrith, they do have a website but at the moment in time it is being tweaked, so I couldn't go and view the wonderful things they have for sale. Thanks Tessa, you are a star. Of course I will send the dosh when I know how much it is to be. Hooray I will be able to make more cards.


Lynn said...

Snow, oh my...we are looking forward to our first RAIN this weekend. WE need it.

My bag came today. I already told you? Well, I like it so much I just have to tell you again and maybe again...that's how much I like it. I was surprised to see it came from U.K. Duh? Not too astute of me I know,...but now I know. That was a sweet surprise too.

Thanks again and again!!!!!
Happy Winner, Lynn.

jan said...

Hi Lynn, Oh thank you so much for letting me know it arrived for you safe and sound. Glad you like it tooo. Always a bonus that. I am up to something else now cos I am a year old!!!! :-)

Reflections of life and art said...

SNOW.....we've had record highs the past couple of days....98 to be exact......hot hot hot!!!

jan said...

Oh much too hot for me, I quite like the cold.