Monday, 6 October 2008


Here are some of the embellishments I use in my sewing.

Fancy bits and bobs......................Buttons and badges.............Ribbons and braids

In here are plastic beads....

these are pictures I have printed onto fabric and are now awaiting embellishments or other work........

These two sets of drawers hold lots of fabrics and yet more embellishments would you believe!

Finally! Hooray you say!! A glimpse of my little box of machine feet I have, I basically only use three of them.
My bobbins, ready and waiting to be used. I have lots of them so as I don't have to keep stopping to fill one up. They are ready as and when, with fancy threads, ordinary threads, mono filament threads, glitters all sorts, ready and waiting.


Reflections of life and art said...

Great embellishments! You do have a lot of feet for your machine....your feet and mine are different....yours are the thicker metal where mine are smaller and thinner with the red #'s.
I like your bobbon holder too!
Thanks for sharing!

Anonymous said...

Gosh Jan, you have so much wonderfull bits and bobs,They will all keep you very busy for years.

You asked where do us get our cottons from, I only have DMC threads for my x-stitch and basic white cotton for normal sewing, i do use some dmc when i need a colour for normal sewing,
My DMC come from a postal order address.

jan said...

5 free ones came with the machine, plus the buttonholer thingy, Ive only used it once. The ones I use all the time are the applique foot, FME foot, and 1/4" foot.
Hubby bought all the bobbin holders for me AND all the bobbins. Hooray. :-)

jan said...

Tracey, it is amazing but they soon go down you know. The edges of my cards eat into the reels quite a bit!!
I bet you have a wonderful selection of threads for your embroideries. Imagine trying to do cross stitch with my kind of thread. ARGH Nightmare.