Thursday, 16 October 2008


Remember the Bag I was making from Brenda's lovely pattern? I had seen it on Popular Patchwork site - see link over on the side to join - as you may or may not know, I have finished mine, I have been in touch with Brenda and YES, she has graciously given me permission to put not only my version but hers here on my Blog.

I am so pleased to be able to do this as you will all see now what a fabulous bag this is. She has also told me her husband is at the present time making a web page for her, as she designs patterns for Aussie magazines, so this could be a good link to have when it is done. She is going to let me know.

This is Brenda's Bag, isn't it fabulous. It is also a very good picture of it, you can clearly see the sides, how it stands nicely on its own too. I love this bag.

Below is my version of it, oh dear! the Eagle-eyed amongst you will see my pleats are going the other way to Brenda's, I had to do them that way else the animals would be upside down if I went the other way, I was in such a rush to make it, I didn't stop to think about the fabric being a one way design - don't YOU make that mistake. My daughter is going to have this one, I am going to make myself another one. I need longer handles and Yes, I forgot to cut them longer!!! DOH!Thank you so much Brenda for sharing this pattern with me, It was a very generous thing to do.

Brenda did say I could put her email here for folk to get in touch , but I am a bit wary of doing that as I don't wish her to get a load of spam or crank emails. So if you wish to get in touch with her, for now, you will have to do it through me. OK.

I am so pleased I joined Popular Patchwork website, I wouldn't have found this if I hadn't, so why not pop along and join today, all are welcome.


Babs Banter/QUILTECH said...

Great bag Janet. Love your fabrics.
Fast worker. Fabulous Speedy Gonzalez, that's you!.
I'm a positive Snail Woman by your standards, but at my age am not too worried - have had my moments.
Your work and output however, is impressive.
Thanks so much for giving Katy and Popular Patchwork site a mention. is a new site and she is aiming to attract as many visitors and hits as possible. Established members are spreading the word as much as possible in order to help Katy who has worked so very hard to try and make it a success.
Your lively, interesting Blog will be a tremendous help to the cause. So a big thankyou to you Janet.

jan said...

Hi Babs, 'at your age' I bet we are the same.
It is a pleasure to try to boost the membership, I am so pleased I found it I can tell you. You also are brilliant on there as you give so much help to us all, I love the way patchworkers share their knowledge. If only the whole world would do patchwork there would be peace for sure. Do let me know if you think of any other ways I can spread the word. Thank you for your kind comments. Appreciate it Babs.

Reflections of life and art said...

Janet....outstanding....your bag is beautiful! Even your quicky work is awesome. Your daughter is lucky...can't wait to see yours too!


jan said...

Hi Noel, I hope to make MY bag next week, this week has been a bit hectic for me, even by my standards!! hoho :-)lol

Solstitches said...

Hi Jan,
I just admired Caz's bag on the forum today and now here's yours as well.
I don't think it matters one bit that the pleats go the opposite way.
Your bag turned out gorgeous.
I've sent Brenda an email via the forum asking for the pattern as now I want to make one too :)


jan said...

Hi Margaret, I'm not surprised, this is going to be a winner of a pattern for Brenda, I am so pleased for her. The bag is super. :-)

Maggie R said...

Hi Jan..
I LOVE the technique on this bag,,, You did a great job....Was it difficult? Where can I get the pattern? Thanks for sharing your photos..

jan said...

Hi there Maggie, you have joined the PP forum and the bag is Brenda's design, if you email her she may just send you the instructions. She is being very generous to the PP folk. Let me know if you cant find her and I will email her for you. :-) No it wasnt too bad, I managed to get my pleats the opposite way to everybody else [!] Look forward to seeing your version.