Thursday, 2 October 2008


This is my 350th posting.

Gosh where did all that chat come from. I do go on, and on, and on.

Hi Noel, I see you are here, just thought I would mention you on the 350th.

I am going to have a give away pretty soon as I missed the 50th 100th 200th 300th postings!!!





Reflections of life and art said...

Hi Janet, I can't believe it's already 350 posts....amazing! Your blog shows off your wonderful talent as an artist and it's very inspiring to us all who come to visit!
I look forward to your give-away too!
Congratulations and many blessings for many, many more!!!!

~ Phyllis ~ said...

Congratulations on your 350th post. Hope you have many more to come. YOu do a great job blogging.
I always enjoy visiting your blog.

jan said...

Hello Noel, I couldn't believe it myself really, just shows how much I gabble on doesn't it? hahaha

Hello Phyllis, thank you too, I expect I'll soon hit 1000 at this rate. hohoho. I'm pleased you like my Blog.

Di said...

Congratulations Jan. I haven't reached that number yet and I've been going for longer. Shows how disciplined yuou are in keeping your blog up to date.

jan said...

Hi Di, nah, it just shows I can chat for England! hahahaha

Lynn said...

Jan, thanks for "advertizing" our Around the World in 20 quilts" blog. So sweet of you. I absolutely love what you are doing here. I love your tutorials. And your work is so NEAT!!!!
Lovely use of the angelina fibers. I just used them for the first time in my lasted quilt challenge on ATWI20Quilts. Can't show it yet until every one is done. I'll keep coming back here too.

jan said...

Hi Lynn, Absolutely no problem whatsoever, you have TWO wonderful Blogs on the go, I do hope you get lots of visitors,
OMG I'm not really neat you know, the thing is peeps don't see all the things that go wrong!! hahahaha Thank you so much anyway for your lovely comments. I am hoping to do another tutorial soon.
The Angelina fibres are lovely aren't they. I must get a picture up so folk can see what we are talking about. :-) Ohhhh you temptress, I cant wait to see what you have done with them.