Monday, 31 May 2010


Carole from Poppy Patch made this quilt
Poppy Patch was our Trade seller for today, here are pictures of what they brught for us
Well I am leaving these as they are, they are NOT in the order I wanted but as I said before Blogger is being a PITA right now. So I hope you just enjoy the pictures. Please read the post under this one as it is the FIRST one really. Thank you.


These pictures are from my group's meeting on Saturday, most of the ladies are doing a version [small] of the Dear Jane Quilt. I designed 5 seperate, different amounts of blocks on each, also in different sizes for them - 4 1/2"--6" --8" -- and they had to choose which they wished to make. I print all the patterns out for them, yes, it does take a long time! but I have found through experience, if you want anything doing, do it yourself. The ladies who chose NOT to make a small quilt I have to find something for them to do on the day. This time I found a cute hanging I had made myself in 1998 would you believe, it was for old buttons to be displayed. I printed it all out for them including the writing of the word BUTTONS, but they chose not to do buttons they opted for FLOWERS, same amount of letters they said. Ho hum. That is the way the cookie crumbles as they say. I didn't mind of course, as long as they are sewing I am happy....most of the time! So here are the pictures from the day, the first picture is how far the NON button ladies got with their little hanging....
All the following pictures are of the blocks the ladies doing the DJs have completed so far, some have done a lot of them, some have just started, some, ie me - haven't started at all!! OOPS!
Suzanne  4 1/2"
Jean - 6"
Di - 6"
Kate 6"
Linda 6"
Irene 6"
Dee 4 1/2"
Barbara 6"
Jill 8"
Wendy 6"
Betty 8"
green fabric underneath being trialled for the sashing, this is the plain side...
this is the patterned side...
Maureen 6"
Sylvia 6"
Rosemary 8"
more fabric being auditioned for sashing
Margaret 8"
auditioning fabric it is a lovely batik
Michelle 8"
the background fabric is fabulous it looks as though it is hand embroidered
Haven't they all done well?
The next two pictures are of our Blocks made for the Block Lotto. Each meeting I ask them to make a 12" [finished] block in certain colours and a certain pattern, they are then put to the vote and the ones with the most votes win, this time it was split between two peole 6 for the first 4 for the second. If I got more blocks there could be more winners!!!!! The theme this time was STARS and the colours Red and cream. Dee won, her's is last row in the middle Bridget was second her block is first row third block, it was very difficult to choose a winner.
Next month our theme is anything a Child would like and the colour - BRIGHT - I wonder what we will get?
We then have a SHOWTIME where we get to see what the ladies are working on or have finished, do sit back and enjoy our SHOWTIME...
Blogger has decided to mess me about so they will get here tomorrow -
Blogger willing!!!!!

Saturday, 29 May 2010


This is the cloth I had underneath my drying and dyeing papers. I love it. I dare not wash it as I think the colours will disappear. Hubby groaned when I used it but now he has seen it like this, he thinks it is just great.
Close up
This one taken in the shade

This was taken in full sun

I will accept your suggestions on what to do with it, Maggi, not sure I want to cut it up really. I am just going to turn it up-side-down to see what it looks like the other way up, I always have it this way.... Hang on, I will be back...

Oh my, well now, I wonder which is best?

Thursday, 27 May 2010


Take some white ric-rac and some white tape, some different coloured dyes,
and have some fun...
Northampton is having some Lions coming - true -  several polystyrene life size lions are being decorated in various craft styles, one is being covered in bits of knitting, I mentioned I crocheted and was given a ball of wool! Here are my crocheted squares for the lion. The bit left over, I made a chain with possible use for it's tail!! 
or go to this link to see fabulous pictures of the lions already done.
I wish I had known about this earlier, I would have put my name down to do a Patchwork Lion.
Suzanne is coming tomorrow to do my hair again, it has grown so much and the colour has washed out an awful lot, got a slightly different colour this time, what it will turn out as - who knows? Not I. Annette cut it for me the other day, much better now.
Met my friend Pat for a coffee in town this morning, her hubby - Mike - popped in too, we were chatting and they were telling me about something I didn't know about, so told me to Google it. What have I done? Forgotten what it was I was supposed to Google. ARGH!!! Pat what was it?

Sunday, 23 May 2010


I've not been on my Blog for a while,
a] I have not been very well -
b] Blogger has been driving me crazy each time I try to load a picture, it moves it -
c] just plain lazy
But hey, I am here now, it is hot hot hot but I am trying to catch up with all the things I should have had on here by now. Blogger willing!!!!!!
This is how hot is was, here is Rebecca chilled out with her book in the garden, what you got there Rebecca?

Aha - Bucks Fizz
Not sure if I have already put this up, a UFO I have finished
front and back...
and another one
this is called London Steps..front and back again...
This amazing Crazy embellisment made card is from Pam,
thank you so much it is fabulous, there are velvets and all sorts on there...
I know this is on here but I think these are better pictures - the Silk Embellished bag from my friend Di for the swap we were in, you can see the stitching much clearer I hope in these...
ATC from Annette for the Rainbow swap we are in...
This I received from Jytte, it was for the Note book cover swap we were in, just look at this, I think it is absolutely amazing, I love it Jytte thank you so much, this green part is what she calls the 'Wrap'...
then you open up and the covered notebook is inside...
close up of the amazing front...
and the back...
opened out to see the pages...
and these are just some of the pages, Jytte has painted them herself, aren't they gorgeous...
thank you Jytte so much.

The following assortment or Postcards etc are what I have made for swaps I am in ...
Here are five little books I really do not want any more, they may have a little writing in them, they may not, I cannot remember and am too lazy to look right now, if you would like any, let me know, if not I will ask at my group on Saturday...
are my latest addition to my collection,
they are all for making little books which I am getting into right now,
and thanks go to Maggi for all the help she is giving me in this adventure...

OK, Blogger is really getting on my nerves moving stuff around so I shall quickly finish this post with the birthday banner I made for Rebecca for her birthday this year, it is made with a sari silk background in lilac with a gi-normous chocolate cake on a plate. Now, I am willing to make one of these for you or someone you love as a give away to celebrate me being better, and it is about time I had a give away on here anyway. Just put your name at the end and a comment if you would like a birthday banner and a way I can get in touch with you, I will let Rebecca choose the winner at random.