Saturday, 29 May 2010


This is the cloth I had underneath my drying and dyeing papers. I love it. I dare not wash it as I think the colours will disappear. Hubby groaned when I used it but now he has seen it like this, he thinks it is just great.
Close up
This one taken in the shade

This was taken in full sun

I will accept your suggestions on what to do with it, Maggi, not sure I want to cut it up really. I am just going to turn it up-side-down to see what it looks like the other way up, I always have it this way.... Hang on, I will be back...

Oh my, well now, I wonder which is best?


Cal said...

It looks so nice the splatter of colors! Maybe you can iron it to help set the color?

Tonya's Sewing Room said...

I like that...very different.

Amo House said...

I see trees!!

maggi said...

Like Amanda, I also see trees. If the fabric wasn't soda soaked before you did this you may well lose some of the colour if you wash it. It does look great though.