Thursday, 27 May 2010


Take some white ric-rac and some white tape, some different coloured dyes,
and have some fun...
Northampton is having some Lions coming - true -  several polystyrene life size lions are being decorated in various craft styles, one is being covered in bits of knitting, I mentioned I crocheted and was given a ball of wool! Here are my crocheted squares for the lion. The bit left over, I made a chain with possible use for it's tail!! 
or go to this link to see fabulous pictures of the lions already done.
I wish I had known about this earlier, I would have put my name down to do a Patchwork Lion.
Suzanne is coming tomorrow to do my hair again, it has grown so much and the colour has washed out an awful lot, got a slightly different colour this time, what it will turn out as - who knows? Not I. Annette cut it for me the other day, much better now.
Met my friend Pat for a coffee in town this morning, her hubby - Mike - popped in too, we were chatting and they were telling me about something I didn't know about, so told me to Google it. What have I done? Forgotten what it was I was supposed to Google. ARGH!!! Pat what was it?


Pat B said...

Hi Jan - your memory is worse than mine! Mike was telling you about some stuff you can stick on the windows to reflect the heat in your sun room so it was heat reflective window covering stuff. Very technical! I seem to remember him saying it looked like cling film.


maggi said...

I bet the fabric under that ric-rac looks great too when you lift it off.

Your crochet flower is lovely. What a great idea calling it the Pride of Northampton.

Amo House said...

I liked the look of the fabric under the RicRac too! Great minds Maggi!