Wednesday, 30 June 2010


The LIONS are coming!!!!!

Tuesday, 29 June 2010


Thanks to the lovely Kim, I was able to make a batch of
COOL TIES on Sunday
and today posted them to Andy,
for him and his mates...
Should help to cool them down from the heat they are experiencing at the moment.
We think it is hot here - 29-30deg
Andy has got 50+ deg
work it out........

Mesembryanthemums grown from seed by hubby - not bad eh!

First Rose on this bush...
and this one...
Can't remember what this is called but it is very pretty...
Good old Lavender...
The Geraniums are putting up a good fight in this heat...
Clematis I keep threatening, if it gets no better it goes...
Just love those Hydrangeas, always a good display...
We call this 'the coffin' it was a table, hubby converted it to a flower bed thingy...
our first Sunflower, a bit piffy isn't it?
again, can't remember the name of this, but it is a stayer...
This is our Ruby Wedding Rose, it has a fabulous scent...
Our ground is as dry as old bones, it is all cracking, the grass is not green really,
only the new bit he seeded cos it gets watered with the hose-pipe, no ban yet!
We need rain badly, trouble is when it starts it will forget to stop.
Congratulations to all the England Fans who managed to stay out of trouble
during our very short [!] trip to South Africa!
See, you can do it, even if our team can't!
Good to see Mark Webber on the news making 'light' of his horrific F1 accident,
it could have been dreadful, but the cars are so safe now for the driver,
I was pleased to see him get out and walk away.
Well done Vettel for winning.
I guess we just have the Tennis to get through, then peace will reign once more.
Thank goodness!

Sunday, 27 June 2010


Hmm, Blogger was playing me up so I sectioned all the pictures and thought I would
beat Blogger at it's own game. Didn't work, the picture sets are in the wrong order now.
Can I ask you to scroll down to QUILT SET / 1 and start viewing from there UPWARDS -
that way you will be seeing them in their correct order.
Many thanks.
I hope you will find it worth it.

At the end of our Showtime, Suzanne told me to go and sit at the front of the room!
I hate being on display like this, but for once did as I was told...
Felt a lemon I can tell you cos I could see Bridget out the corner of my eye with a camera..
Oh dear!!!!
Just read this....
Shock, Surprise, Stunned,
it is all there in the face...
I could see what Suzanne had made me..

Look at this corker of a quilt -
it is 9 feet wide folks,
see the black ands white star top right -
that is what gave her the idea for this hanging..
Just fabulous,
I am going to have it across the foot of the bed, I believe that is the best way to display it,
as we only have a small bungalow, the walls are not big enough for this to be seen
in all it's beauty.
Thank you Suzanne, it is just wonderful, I am very proud of you too for making such a large piece.
We took another photo of it in the garden when we got home,
It looks great in the garden too.
What a day full of surprises for me.


The majority of the ladies were still working on their Dear Jane Projects,
the ones who weren't made these;
aren't they pretty?
Well done girls...

Our SHOWTIME for today -

Pat's wonderful large bag for taking Quilts to Shows -
inside was her gorgeous Quilt for Erin -
I will never tire of looking at this Quilt, I love it...
A beautiful cushion cover made form a block we made at one meeting,
this was by Joyce, she struggles with her sewing a fair bit,
but once she gets her head round it, this is what we get,
well done Joyce....
When I first met Lisa, she told me she wasn't a Quilter -
Had to change that didn't I?
Here is her very first quilt she has made [with a little help from me]
the back ...
This is for her neice Beatrice, she will love it,
well done Lisa,
you ARE a Quilter now...
What a surprise I got when she produced from a bag another quilt,
she had seen a picture in a magazine, altered it to fit her requirements and, well, just look,
this is the back...
here is the front, each embroidered block is
for a signicant Charity, Lisa listed a few for us,
Cancer, Autism, Soldiers, the list was amazing,
just like her Quilt - Well done Lisa...
Here is a close up of one of the embroidered squares...
I am so sorry I cannot remember who made this wonderful bag,
I will find out and get her name here a.s.a.p.
meantime, isn't it a gorgeous bag...
this is a pencil case made by...
Rebecca, I put the zip in for her but she did the rest,
Great job Reb, well done...
You may remember seeing lots of these a while back,
it was a 3month project I did with the ladies,
this one is by Pauline - love these colours...
OK so not many things for the SHOWTIME table but the
QUALITY was brilliant.
Well done to all of you -
more next time please


What a lucky day for me this was...
Suzanne had bought me some more of these fabulous strips for my Embellishing machine...
Plus, these two wool rovings which she found for just £1.60 per bag..
FAN TAS TIC - thank you Suzanne
Then when we got home and were unpacking all the stuff from the van,
I find Annette had bought me this fabric 'SCRATCH'
from Lisa, I had said in the week I liked it...
Thank you Annette,
I am so lucky


See, I couldn't resist, I bought this wonderful Black/Grey fabric
as I needed something that looks like a road??????
The new ICE collection - 13 of them, mmm mmm...
A Moda Scrap Bag - looks pretty inside doesn't it?
well, there you go, it is pretty inside, just love these little beauties...


Lisa from Cobblestone Cabin was our Stallholder for the day
she and Neil her wonderful hubby had brought lots of goodies for us to drool over...
How can you resist...
An amazing display of fabrics...

under the table too...
Two shelf units groaning with the weight of wonderful fabrics...



These blocks were made for the block Lotto,
they were asked to make any block fit for a child in bright colours -
I got 6 entries with one pack of fabrics for a block to be made by the winner -
This block was the winner, it was a very close thing,
as all the blocks were fabulous.
I am very proud to say my Suzanne made this block, so
she was the winner, she is going to make a few more blocks
then turn them into a playmat for an work colleague who is pregnant.
Good one Suzanne.

Monday, 21 June 2010

41 years

Today,  21st June is our wedding anniversary. 41 years, Gosh! Where did they go?

Spent the day sorting out all the embellishments I have, they are now all sorted into clear boxes and labelled. I am sorting three sets of drawers now which contain, fabric, Embellishment machine bits and Painting bits. When will it all be done? I start one job and another appears. Mind you, I am having a lovely time re-acquainting myself with all the lovely bits and pieces I have. I really must use them though, not hoard them.

I have joined the AccuQuilt site on Facebook, they do competitions on a Friday to win all sorts of things, you never know I could win one of their machines, that could be very handy.
Pete spent the day in the garden. He is off work again, I think this is probably the end of his working on the buses, they cause too much pain in his legs and back. He has to go to the hospital in a weeks time to see if an operation can sort it out. Ho hum! Happy Anniversary to us.

UPDATE - Thank you everyone for your good wishes. We had a normal day as we don't really celebrate much, boring old farts!!!!  :-)

Saturday, 19 June 2010


This is Ros' Blog, do go and visit and whilst you are there, if you can tear your eyes away from all the pictures of the gardens that are stunningly beautiful, scroll down and see the give away Ros Hosted for a fabulous prize, and guess who won.

Thank you thank you thank you
I am thrilled to bits, I just never win anything.
Maybe my luck has changed.
Ooooooh I WON I WON I WON.

Thursday, 17 June 2010


Look what Rebecca and I got from her mum today...
I let Rebecca have the one with the heart on it


GOING GOING.....        GONE