Sunday, 27 June 2010


The majority of the ladies were still working on their Dear Jane Projects,
the ones who weren't made these;
aren't they pretty?
Well done girls...

Our SHOWTIME for today -

Pat's wonderful large bag for taking Quilts to Shows -
inside was her gorgeous Quilt for Erin -
I will never tire of looking at this Quilt, I love it...
A beautiful cushion cover made form a block we made at one meeting,
this was by Joyce, she struggles with her sewing a fair bit,
but once she gets her head round it, this is what we get,
well done Joyce....
When I first met Lisa, she told me she wasn't a Quilter -
Had to change that didn't I?
Here is her very first quilt she has made [with a little help from me]
the back ...
This is for her neice Beatrice, she will love it,
well done Lisa,
you ARE a Quilter now...
What a surprise I got when she produced from a bag another quilt,
she had seen a picture in a magazine, altered it to fit her requirements and, well, just look,
this is the back...
here is the front, each embroidered block is
for a signicant Charity, Lisa listed a few for us,
Cancer, Autism, Soldiers, the list was amazing,
just like her Quilt - Well done Lisa...
Here is a close up of one of the embroidered squares...
I am so sorry I cannot remember who made this wonderful bag,
I will find out and get her name here a.s.a.p.
meantime, isn't it a gorgeous bag...
this is a pencil case made by...
Rebecca, I put the zip in for her but she did the rest,
Great job Reb, well done...
You may remember seeing lots of these a while back,
it was a 3month project I did with the ladies,
this one is by Pauline - love these colours...
OK so not many things for the SHOWTIME table but the
QUALITY was brilliant.
Well done to all of you -
more next time please


Tonya's Sewing Room said...

wow, such nice things coming from there, love the pencil case Reb made

Ann Flowers said...

Wow all those quilts are gorgeous. I love the stunning colors of the bag. Thank you for sharing such lovely items. Well done all the Ladies who made them!

Ann Flowers

maggi21 said...

Ooooh, I'm drooling.