Saturday, 5 June 2010


We went to Brixworth Country Park for a Picnic
beautiful day for it -
This was the first thing I saw, a great design for a Quilt I thought!!
These chairs! are scattered throughout the park, there are benches too,
they are just amazing, I love them...
He looks a bit grumpy!
Annette, what are you doing?
Rebecca on what we call the Throne of the Park - a fantastic chair...
Hmm - Spot the difference...
This always gives me the creeps this plant - Old Mans Beard -
I was told [when I was small] the white part was all the shavings from mens beards -
it has always freaked me out ever since
That path in the distance leads to a hide...
Come on you two, catch up with me...
Rebecca being a Human clock on the Sundial - it worked too!

Views across the park to the water - which is the local Reservoir in fact - Pitsford

A lovely few hours spent in the countryside, it was hot and walking across those grassy bits did me no good whatsoever, I have been bitten to death, my poor feet and legs, I am trying not to scratch, Ouch!

Poor Annette had to go to work when we got home, we three spent the time in the garden, then it was time for Rebecca to go home with her mum, they arrived this morning by bike, so they got home fairly quick after a long tiring day in the heat!!

Rebecca's new addition to her soft toy collection -
meet HUMBUG the Tiger
Oh and guess who forgot to collect bits for my sunprinting!!!!


Pat said...

Looks like a lovely place for a picnic but I'm sorry the bugs found you there! Thanks for posting such a nice selection of photos. I love those chairs!!!

Tonya's Sewing Room said...

anette is quite cute picking that dude's those chairs and the throne, the difference, Reb didn't have her stuffed animal in one and did in the other

searchfamilies said...

The grumpy chair reminds me of Greg lol no it don't really
Looks like you all had a great time
Hugs Janice