Thursday, 10 June 2010


I had to cancel my coffee meeting with Pat as I had been informed I was being delivered of a roll of wadding today which I had ordered from EBay, this meant I had to stay in or they take it away again, then it is a real performance to get it delivered back to you. Pat got her hubby to bring her up in the afternoon to collect the Quilt. She liked it by the way so that was good.
went the front door bell, yippee it was Dave my lovely postie, I was actually on the phone to Pat whilst collecting my post from him, look what I got....

A fabulous ATC from Maggi,
I just love this Maggi, as usual you have made a gorgeous card, thank you so much...
This is the postcard Maggi sent along with the ATC, this is a printed one, but isn't it fabulous...

Next package to open was this from Fiona..
I took heed of the warning..
Look what she made me,
my Sew a Row for the swap we are in, there are seven of us, this is the first round,
Fiona, I just love it, thank you so much,
it is so bright and cheeerful on this miserable weather day...
Isn't that just wonderful?
I am going to have a gorgeous Quilt at the end of this swap and it will be MINE
stayed in stayed in stayed in
no wadding arriving as yet
no sign of any vans in the street
wait, here is a USPS van
is it for me?
YES it is
Just look at this folks
From my lovely Tonya
she told me a white box was on it's way
HOW MUCH????????
I hope you can read this...
Tonya offered these up on her Blog, no-one else wanted any,
so I got them all...Yippee, aren't they cute...AND
I love this little book Tonya...AND
Tonya thought possibly Annette or I could use these in our machines,
not sure about that for mine, but Annette can try the Janome, if not -
I have a plan for them anyway....AND
Did she mean to make me cry?   AND
Have you been noticing the yellow behind all these pictures?
Well Tonya knows I love the colour Yellow and look at this;
TWO METRES of a fabulous sunny yellow fabric -
I am in heaven Tonya, you have spoiled me dreadfully...
Thank you Thank you Thank you
I love it all
The wadding didn't arrive


Tonya's Sewing Room said...

Your so very welcome! That's nothing compared to all you've sent to me. Yeah, we learned about the postage. TJ took it in for me and the post master told him to use an envelope next time. I told TJ, he should have brought the box back out and we would have repacked it, he said NOPE, it's worth every penny! However, next time you'll get an envelope, NOT a white box. haha love ya

Pat said...

So...where the heck is the wadding??? Now you have to wait around again TOMORROW??? Great package from Tonya. She told me the story of the postage!!! Live and learn.....hehehe!!!

maggi said...

What a fantastic post you received there. What a pain about the wadding. Had to laugh when I saw Pat's comment because of course they speak a different quilting language at times.

Reflections of life and art said...

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