Monday, 31 March 2008


These are little pinny's made to go on the card further down the list, they are for the MUM's swap, they have been made from one of my mum's old pinny's...
This is to go to Kath in exchange for the surprise Locale Aylesbury Duck card she sent me, thanks Kath...
Birthday Cards...If you go further down and look at an old post of my sewing machine, you will see the beginning of these cards spilling from the machine, so what do you think, do they look like balloons now?...
Yet more QTC's Purple Majesties, I just so loved this colour group I joined it three times!!!...
Applique QTC's or Cutesies... Yes I made the larger version as Birthday cards...
This is the card for MUM's swap, the little pinny's above go with this card. These are made in the colours my mum loved, also the pansy was a favourite flower of hers so that had to go on, she always loved what I sewed so the fancy stitches are for both of us, I do hope the girls who these are going to will like them...
Safe journeys little cards, bye bye.

Saturday, 29 March 2008


I am going to have to check all my cards as I do believe there are some missing off here, and that wont do. I want all my lovely received cards here so you can share with me my good fortune.


Pink ribbons from Elaine.....
Applique QTC from Shelley...
January White Sale from Rebecca...
Memory Lane QTC from Alice...

Thread Painted Tree from Denny...
My Blue Heaven QTC from Susan
Purple Majesty TWO QTC's from Judi...
Purple Majesty QTC from Sharon...
Purple Majesty QTC from Mandy...
All these wonderful cards, aren't I lucky.

Wednesday, 26 March 2008


I have been asked several times how I make my cards, so I have decided to try and do a sort of 'cartoon' in pictures of how I do them, start to finish. Also the way I do thread painting - TP -. This will be of no use whatsoever to those of you who are already expert at making cards and TP so I suggest you ignore the post when it gets here.
It will obviously take a while to do, as I will have to have someone else take the pictures, as I will be doing the cards and TP, but bear with me and I will have a go and see if it works, and hopefully when it is done, that it will be of some use to you.
Thanks for asking and I promise to get it done asap. Carole Marie has prompted me to do this, so if it ends up rubbish, we can blame her!! Only joking Carole Marie. :-)
Watch this space.


How strange, I actually came back home on the Saturday, reason later, and it is now Wednesday! Where did the days go?

Well now, the reason I came back home Saturday was I had a call from daughter saying the weather was so bad they were fed up and were coming home, in fact there were almost half way home when she rang me...PANIC! Better tidy up PDQ; I had taken some beading to do with me and the beads were laying all over the place, also the books and magazines, it didn't take too long though to clear away all my things, have a general tidy round, pack up my bits and go home, you would never know I had been there. Bye bye cats, Bert and fish, until the next time!!! It was a shame though for them as I know they had been looking forward to this little break, she said they had managed to do what they went for though, which was clean the caravan through, air it as best possible due to weather. I expect it wont be too long before they go again.

I only managed to get 3 cards beaded, ready for their edges to be done. It is amazing how long the beading takes, I will put a picture up of the ones almost done, just to prove I didn't waste my time down there. I think I may keep the unfinished ones in a box ready for when I have to go again, that way I will always have something ready to do down there.

Here are the cards I took with me to bead,
the first two on the right are ready for beading;
the next picture is of two cards ready for the edges to be done;
and the last one, the one with just one 'firework' on it, is an experiment to see
if I like just one on the card. Hmm, not sure.
I had to 'borrow' some of GD's beads as I
didn't have any PEACH ones, can you
believe that? All the beads I have and
not one peach! Dreadful. She had a massive box of beads from Di for
Christmas and let me plunder them. Thanks bab.

Sunday of course was what GD calls Easter Egg Day, we had an egg hunt, inside because it was too cold and damp and very windy outside. We each took turns to hide the eggs-- little plastic ones that open up and you put things inside-- when it was my turn to hide them, it was almost dinner time, so, I hid them in really good places, then went off for dinner. MMM, so full, we sat around for a while doing nothing, letting the dinner settle, ate too much of course!! Then GD said, "Nana, your turn to hide the eggs" oops, I had forgotten where I had put some of them, so it turned into a REAL egg hunt.
We eventually found them all. Phew!

SNOW! GD very pleased, even though it was cccold. She had to build a snowman, or two in fact, then decided to give them a friend...see picture. Haha. There wasn't a lot of snow hence the little snow people. [today is Wednesday as I said before and the lower half of the bigger snowman is still on the lawn..ahhh]. I am sure I must have done other things like, sewing, but the old memory fades. I know I did catch up on all the message on the groups I belong to. Phew, that took an age. I am caught up now though and back with it. Got to sort my cards out as I have a feeling I have missed one swap I signed up for and that will NEVER do.

Sorted my sewing room out, had a bit of a move round as I restart my Quilt Set group this Saturday after the long break, and I have to be able to get to all the boxes easily. So that took care of yesterday, Oh; I also took some pictures and downloaded them myself this time, to make sure I could do it. I was a bit nervous, plugging that into this, and this into that, but the pictures are on the computer so I must have done it right. Pat on the back for me. Then last night I played with them in the Microsoft Digital programme, that was fun, I messed a few up and deleted some more - by mistake - but hey, I am still learning. Will be learning this til the end of my days. Anyway, enough chat, Oh what a lot of chat, I will now post some pictures. Hooray I hear you sigh! Here are the pictures I downloaded or is it uploaded!!!!! myself.
Some of the lovely threads I use, they look so pretty in the box don't they! Then two pictures of the inside of my fabric cupboard, the green shelf and the blue shelf...
Then the last picture is of my sewing machine - workhorse!- with some cards scattered that I am working on at the moment. They will be balloons!! Honest!

Thursday, 20 March 2008


I shall be away from my computer for four days and nights, starting tomorrow. I am off to house sit for my daughter, and look after the pets, 7 cats, Maz, Emma, Foggie, Onion, Pilchard, Chablis and Noisy; 1 African grey parrot, Bertie, who talks - Tropical Fish, tank full, [no names thank goodness!] ha ha Joke!
She does have a computer and she does give me the password to enable me to use it, BUT, I never do, well not any more, not since I crashed it and didn't know what to do. Panic!!!! It wont hurt to be without for a few days.
I usually take a stack of books down with me, or raid her library, she has lots of books I have yet to read. This time though, I am going to take some beading to do on some cards I have been making this evening specially for that purpose.
I have total peace down there, no television, [they do have one but I dont watch TV much] no noise, except the odd scrap between the cats, oh yes, and sometimes the fish bash the side of the tank which makes me jump, oh and of course Bertie nattering away.
He is really funny, every morning he asks for his TOAST. When you come in you would swear S was in as he says in her voice, "hello" and when you go out he says "Tara" in R's voice, sometimes it is spooky.
He can copy my mobile phone message signal, that is not funny as I pick it up to see who has sent me a message, no-one, cos it's Bertie. He is good company though. He makes me laugh.
I may take my camera with me this time and try to get some pictures of the cats and Bert. If they all keep still long enough.

Tuesday, 18 March 2008


This past week has been pretty awful. Not for me personally but for a friend who is far away. Her son is very ill and has been hospitalized, he is now home, and with all fingers and toes crossed, we are hoping he is on the mend.
Unfortunately he is not out of the woods yet, more tests will have to be done, and there is the possibility of an operation being needed.
When your friend is the other side of the World, you feel so helpless when something like this happens, all I can do is send my love and express my wishes for him to be well again very soon.
lol to Elaine and all the family. xx Get well soon Patrick.xx
Life is NOT always a bowl of cherries.

Saturday, 15 March 2008


I was told about this on one of the groups I belong to and thought I would share it with everyone. Just look at the brilliant ways you can display your Postcards and QTC's, or Photo's or precious cards, basically, anything that needs displaying, this is the gizmo for it. Here is the link...

Just think how neat and tidy they will be.


Have been trying to add a Blog link to the side and it just will not go there, it is about a give away quilt that Di has told me about, so I suggest you go to Di's Blog, it is over there to the right and have a look at it from there.


Thanks Di.

Thursday, 13 March 2008


Thread painted trees...they will be leaving me soon.


Just made this for a competition.

Wednesday, 12 March 2008


Just had a look at picture lower down of fabric cupboard, it is normally lovely, but I have to admit, not at the moment, I am remedying that right now, because I am searching for some Pansy fabric which I know I have, somewhere.....


Well, there we are, I have just resigned from one of the groups I am [was] in. The cards are more or less completed in the swap, I posted mine last year. I have asked several times for the people who have still not received them to let me know so I could make another for them. To no avail., only a few let me know, so I have re-sent to them because, they had sent to me.
There were 4 yep, FOUR people, who didn't send or acknowledge whether or not they had received cards. It just annoyed me, so I've left.
Well, that's that off my chest!!!!
Ohhh, just realised, that will give me more time to send cards to the other groups I am in.
Actually, the very first group I joined is coming to an end as well, but there are 8 of us going to stay, so we are going to set up a brand NEW group, all fresh and lovely. We will re-start in June, which I feel will give the ladies who haven't completed yet, time to get all outstanding cards done.
All we have to do now is think of a name and the way it is going to go, I feel we should have certain rules to follow, not signed in blood or anything, but; maybe guidelines is a better word. I feel people like to know how they stand. I am getting advice about this from various people.

Sunday, 9 March 2008


This is my sewing corner, you can see that my machine is NOT an embroidery machine, I don't possess one, this one does everything I ask of it. I am very happy with this one, it's ohhh, about 10-12 years old, but I don't want a new one, thank you very much.
On the shelves at the side of me are my threads, bobbin cases, mini iron, boxes with all sort of gadgets in; oh look, there is even a picture of Robbie!!
A clock to tell me when to pack up if! The big red box you can see has things that belong to my group The Quilt Set in it, underneath is another one, same size, that also belongs to the group, come the end of this month I will have to change my room around so as not to disturb that corner once a month, until November, then I can put it back up the corner. There is an angle-poise style lamp on the shelf above me, aimed over my shoulder as I sit at the machine, even though I sit in front of a big window, the more light I have the better I see.
The swivel chair has no arms, they would only be in the way. It does have a nappy, yes a nappy, unused, brand new, hanging over the back of it. This I use for pressing small pieces or applique work, so as not to flatten it.


Oh, that is a nice cupboard isn't it? Hubby made it for me. Look it's Robbie all over it!! That is the Pink hat I wore to his concert on the other door...
Shall I open the door for you to see inside........
OK then....
Ta-da. It holds my fabric. Mmmmmmmmmmmmmmmm. 'A' keeps it tidy for me, all colours together until I come along and wreck it. You can't see the bottom shelf, it has little boxes of bits and bobs on it. Not exciting like the fabric. Scrummy isn't it? When I am feeling low, I open this door and just look......
Only a craft person would understand this. I love my cupboard.

Saturday, 8 March 2008


Ah, that's better, I re-did the posting as one of the eyes had gone awol.

I can see clearly now.....


QTC's ready for the post...

Also these QTC's...

Purples are a go... Come on let's crawl, gotta crawl, gotta crawl, to the Ugly Bug Ball, to the Ball, to the Ball


Doc Marten Boots...
Queen Victoria's Wedding Slippers...
Our Balloon Festival...
78 Derngate...
I have just put the pictures on the post 'Reading'. Hope you will go back to see the cards, they are so funny.

I have finished 4 cards for the post tomorrow. They are to be for a 'Locale' swap, I am posting the piks for a reason.....known only to me.


Friday, 7 March 2008


Ahhh, GD is home again, she had a grand time, including a midnight feast!! She looked totally washed out, probably late nights, early mornings, lots of activities have taken there toll. But what of it, she has been non stop chatter since she got off the coach. Wonderful. Well Done R. Glad you had a good time and that you are back with us again. :-)

Thursday, 6 March 2008


Group's newsletter.


I have been informed,
by email,
by someone who knows,
that the post office,
in their wisdom (!)
have decided,
when they see UK on mail.....
wait for it........
it must stand for....
You couldn't make it up folks.
That must be where my missing cards must be going then.
I have just posted on all the sites I am on that they must now put the full monty...IE United Kingdom for cards coming here. Crazy or what?

Wednesday, 5 March 2008


I have put this picture here to try and make myself worked. This little chap sits in our garden, his phone 'rings' when you walk past it,----- or a cat!!----- in the night. It is one of those sensor thingies. Drives you mad....and the neighbours.....tough cookie. Aha, which leads neatly on to the message on the picture!! Elaine, you get it don't you!!
I seem to be getting a little behind with my postcards at the moment, I have been enjoying myself and making cards that are not actually needed for a swap, just playing really, So I got back to work this evening and did some QTC's and cards, not finished mind you, but on the right track again now.

I received two cards this morning, one from KR, a friendship card, it is just so funny. Hubby says the lady on the card - the biggest one - is a dead ringer for me!!


Haven't scanned them in yet, so no piks just now. Sorry.

Tomorrow, GD is going on a school trip, she will be away until Friday. This is very strange, she has never been away from her mum before, well she has had sleepovers here with us, I mean -- away - as in no family with her. I hope she is going to be OK, I am sure she will be, and I am sure she will enjoy herself and not think once about us. Which is, of course, how it should be. But you can't help but worry can you?

Roll on Friday.

Tuesday, 4 March 2008


My thoughts today are going to be with a friend of mine whose Son is going to Iraq. I don't want him to go so I can only imagine how she must feel.
No, actually, I can't.

One word to politicians everywhere.

Stay safe A.

Monday, 3 March 2008


These are for you Elaine, you said you liked them so here they are me dear. Made especially for you. This one to the right here, the red flower in case it moves.. I am not sure if you would want this one, let me know, OK. I am so pleased with myself, because I have found out how to put more than just the five pictures on in one post.