Wednesday, 26 March 2008


I have been asked several times how I make my cards, so I have decided to try and do a sort of 'cartoon' in pictures of how I do them, start to finish. Also the way I do thread painting - TP -. This will be of no use whatsoever to those of you who are already expert at making cards and TP so I suggest you ignore the post when it gets here.
It will obviously take a while to do, as I will have to have someone else take the pictures, as I will be doing the cards and TP, but bear with me and I will have a go and see if it works, and hopefully when it is done, that it will be of some use to you.
Thanks for asking and I promise to get it done asap. Carole Marie has prompted me to do this, so if it ends up rubbish, we can blame her!! Only joking Carole Marie. :-)
Watch this space.


Noel said...

Hi Janet, I'm so druling over your post cards...I could only dream of making beautiful post cards like you. I'm jealous of all your beautiful thread too...hehehe!
I see you have a Bernina hubby bought me one three years ago the Vertuoso 155 and I'm just now learning how to use it for other then straight stitching..LOL!
I wish now I would have gotten the one the did embroidery...oh well live and learn.
Thank you for all the beautiful eye candy and inspiration!

Di said...

Looking forward to the tutorials!

jan said...

Hi Noel, I will help you with getting to know your machine. Give me time to get this weekend over then I will get back to you.

Noel said...

Jan, sounds good to me...look forward to some lessons...hehehe!

jan said...

I am going to do these, it is just finding the right time to do it and get my act together!! :-/