Sunday, 9 March 2008


This is my sewing corner, you can see that my machine is NOT an embroidery machine, I don't possess one, this one does everything I ask of it. I am very happy with this one, it's ohhh, about 10-12 years old, but I don't want a new one, thank you very much.
On the shelves at the side of me are my threads, bobbin cases, mini iron, boxes with all sort of gadgets in; oh look, there is even a picture of Robbie!!
A clock to tell me when to pack up if! The big red box you can see has things that belong to my group The Quilt Set in it, underneath is another one, same size, that also belongs to the group, come the end of this month I will have to change my room around so as not to disturb that corner once a month, until November, then I can put it back up the corner. There is an angle-poise style lamp on the shelf above me, aimed over my shoulder as I sit at the machine, even though I sit in front of a big window, the more light I have the better I see.
The swivel chair has no arms, they would only be in the way. It does have a nappy, yes a nappy, unused, brand new, hanging over the back of it. This I use for pressing small pieces or applique work, so as not to flatten it.

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