Sunday, 30 November 2008


That's a big box Rebecca.... it's for you mum....

Before you open that big box, look who this is from...the hundred acre wood.....
look on the table behind Annette's head, see the cruet, that is what Rebecca bought with her own money for her mum,

Where does this bit go? It goes here mum......

Half a chair!! One handle........ Hurry up mum.....

OK....................Gagee help me......................What about this bit?

I'll put these bits in..........Ahhhh comfy.............Really comfy......

Ohh, this is nice........................Very comfy................

Oooo, thanks Sis, a Bread Maker.....

Rebecca laid out the cakes...

Time to blow out the candles...

Big Hugs...yes you can hold my Polar Bear.

Happy Birthday Annette.

Saturday, 29 November 2008


I have just put the latest picture in its place, Fiona's card completes group 2. You have to go back a few posts to see these.

Tomorrow is Annette's birthday.

Had a lovely day today, Annette and Reb came over and we played shops. My sewing room is altered, and turned into her shop and everything is for sale, books, mags, quilts, threads, lace, ribbons, you name it, we also save all the old lottery tickets, and she made a lottery machine, so we can buy the tickets. It is great fun. Today she brought over her cash register so we were really the business I can tell you. This is also a good way of her learning about money, and how to do change etc; this will also help her with her maths. It is her mum's birthday tomorrow.

Tomorrow we are going to Annette's as it is her birthday, did I tell you that already? Hee hee, she is watching that stupid Celebrity in the Jungle programme thingy, and apparently there is a bloke on it who she cannot stand and it was his birthday yesterday and he kept on and on about it. Well, it's Annette's tomorrow. Correct time 3.45pm she was born.

We are going to have Beef with all the trimmings, mmmm mmmm mouth watering already. She has made herself a Birthday cake....ahhhhhh...and Reb has made some chocolate cookies, that apparently haven't turned out right, but we will eat them anyway. Along with a glass of wine, we shall be singing Happy Birthday to you.

Hi Annette, when you read this you will laugh...I hope!!!!

All I hear is DVD this and DVD that. ARGH!!! I don't watch the programme, but I do know who she is talking about, and I would agree with her cos he always was a show off. One of those sort that goes, look at me I'm famous. SAD.

I have ironed all my fabrics for the SINGING GARDEN QUILT I am going to make, so hope to start that on Monday, not tomorrow, cos we are at Annette's cos its her BIRTHDAY.

I finished quite a few postcards today, very pleased with myself, so they will get posted on Monday. OH, by the way, Noel, I posted a package to you yesterday. :-)

Friday, 28 November 2008


I am in a Batik swap with the Popular Patchwork girls on the Forum. We had to send twelve 10" square of a Batik fabric to Katy. 16 ladies joined this swap. Katy then had to mix them into 16 sets of twelve fabrics, we each got our own back, plus the next eleven in the set. Very good and straight forward plan Katy. Here are ALL the squares Katy received, in their piles of twelve, in order for picking sets.

1st row..........................Kim...........Kerstin........Dusie..........Helen
2nd row........................Caz............Tessa...........Janet..........Katy
3rd row........................Ang............Alison..........Ros.............Margaret
4th row........................Maggie......Trudi............Annette......Fiona

As I am Janet, you can work out which ones I got from the chart and the picture. They are gorgeous aren't they? All we have to do now, is make a quilt with them! We are allowed to add as much or as little to these as we wish, WE MUST use at least a small piece of each fabric received, so the girls can say, OH look that was mine. Great isn't it. I have a plan of what to make, just need some background and border fabric then I shall be ready.


I have changed my mind about the Singing Garden Quilt fabrics, hubby came up with a great idea of what to make it in, so I sorted all the fabrics out yesterday, washed them all today, tomorrow they will get ironed/pressed; then the fun will begin. This is a wonderful Quilt by Babs, on the Popular Patchwork site AND in the magazine, in case you aren't a member....yet!

Thursday, 27 November 2008


I went to the Random Organiser site and fed in all the names, and they told me the winner is....

****** LEAH ******

Congratulations Leah, choose which quilt you would like and I will get it off to you. :-)

Leah has chosen the CHOOKS quilt, I just have to do a label then it will be posted off to her.

Wednesday, 26 November 2008


Here are pictures of the finished Quilts, [four days early] done for the Give Away. Only one will be given away, I finished three UFO's to enable you to have a choice. The Pictures are;

1. Front
2. Detail
3. Back

Teddies Quilt = 43 1/2" square...the back is small green floral and it's polycotton

Chooks Quilt = 39 1/2 x 51 3/4"...the back is peach with small white flowers, again it's polycotton

Chevron Quilt = 38" x 46 1/2"...the back is 'in-your-face' orange! this time it's cotton

To win one of these Quilts, your choice remember, you have to find the original post for them and leave a comment there, NOT HERE is Sunday 2nd November.....

I will close this give away tonight 26.11.08 as I would like the winner to get the quilt before Christmas and what with the post being the way it is.....nuff said!!!! Ive tried to think of all the info you would wish to know, any questions do ask me. I'd hate for you to receive something you didn't like in the end.

I have thoroughly enjoyed myself quilting these and I am a winner cos I have completed 3 UFO's. Yippee.....on to the next 3.

Tuesday, 25 November 2008


Today, I have been sewing like the wind! I wanted to finish the last quilt for my Give have to go back some posts to find this if you want to enter it.... and I am very pleased to say, I have finished it. So all three quilts are done, which means I can now close the Give Away, as I said I would if I got them all done before the allotted time of 30th November.

I will leave it open until tomorrow night, then it will most definitely be closed and someone will win one of the quilts, the one they choose. Cant be fairer than that.

I didn't get the pictures done I was supposed to today, apologies for that, but I shall tomorrow, will have the whole day to myself, hubby back to work after a few days off holiday, so I shall get loads of sewing photos done. The day is MINE.

I also started some postcards today, am pleased with the way they are looking, I hope to get at least 3 or 4 done tomorrow, depends on how much detail I put on, some of them I think wont get much as they are 'fancy' already. You will have to wait and see. See you tomorrow.

On a sad note, my friend Di rang, to tell me her mum had died this morning, she had been very poorly, but it was quick. She died peacefully so that is a blessing. Di and her family have been going backwards and forwards visiting her, a 3hour journey either way. They are all exhausted. My thoughts are with her and her family.

Monday, 24 November 2008


Well, I have had a grand sort out today, I have tidied up all my UFOs, Oh dear there are SO many, I have left three out to encourage me to get them finished. One is a 'chicken dancing' quilt; another is a flannel 'Tumbler' quilt, and the third one is one I made as a demonstration of using up bits and bobs and 'filling in' blocks, all different sizes. That one could cause me a headache of how to quilt but time will tell.
Silly me didn't take any photos, so tomorrow will have to do. Sorry.

Didn't get my fabrics washed today, not a nice day for washing, it rained, hailed, you name it we had it. Hopefully tomorrow. I think !!??!! I have worked out what I am going to do of the 'Singing Garden Quilt'.

Due to all the sorting I did today, I didn't get any sewing done at all. How bad is that. I must get my Postcards done for the group, I know now what I am going to do for them both, so am happy. Will crack on with them tomorrow. Which reminds me, I have another picture to put on the PP Postcard post below, so off I go to post it. Another great card.


Popular Patchwork Forum Postcard Swap


Helen's Card................ Katy's Card.............. Helen G's card

Angela's Card................. Tessa's card.................. Janet's card


Ros' card..........................Kerstin's card.................Jenny's card

Cath's card..........................Angela's card................Fiona's card


Katy's Cornish card....................waiting for pik............waiting for pik

These are, you have to agree, fantastic Postcards, some of these ladies have never made cards before, I think they are all brilliant. Well done to everyone, and thank you for the permission to put them here. I am proud to display them.
There are more groups, but they haven't all been delivered yet. I shall put them on here as and when they do.

................................................................BONUS PICTURE....

Ros, a member of our new postcard swap, sent Popular Patchwork this picture of some beautiful postcards this week, and has given me permission to use these pictures on here. Ros made these for a fundraising auction, Some of the young people wanted to go to World Youth Day in Australia in July, and her church decided to help raise the money for their air fare. Ros made a couple of items for the auction, one of which was this set of postcards mounted on a board. £600+ was raised in total, which gave 3 young people a big help with their air fare.
Ros was then shown how to make the display board with a piece of soft wood, 4oz wadding, a fat quarter and a staple gun.

That is just brilliant, just shows the power of Craft work. Well done Ros.

Sunday, 23 November 2008


It seems there are some of you have found my previous posting of, 'how I quilt', useful. I am really pleased about that, it makes what I do worthwhile. I hope you will give it a go, be it one part or all of it. You have to trust me on what I put here, it works for me, so I cannot see it shouldn't work for you.

If you read the comments to that post you will see there is one from BABS. Now, I am posting a picture of the quilt she has designed for Popular Patchwork BOM here for you all to see. Look isn't it gorgeous.
The Singing Garden Quilt

Babs, is not only a Fantastic Quilter, she designs magical quilts, this being one of them. I am hoping she will be doing another BOM for the magazine, if not next year, very soon. I can imagine she is a brilliant teacher, she does classes and I have seen the pictures from some of them, you can too, if you go to her blog. It's a really good read so get a cup of tea.....
Lots of the ladies in the forum are making this quilt, I am a very late starter, this is the quilt I am going to make, [well, some of the blocks, hope you don't mind Babs;] with the fabric I have been waiting for.
Did I tell you it has arrived, the fabric I mean, wahey. I am ready to start now. Just got to work out which of the blocks I am going to 'lift' from the original design, I am going to keep the alternate blocks, I love that effect. Mine will be a wall hanging rather than a Quilt, I tend to make more of those as I love to chop and change my wall displays regularly.
Here are the fabrics. I have to say, when I first opened the package, I was a teensy bit 'hmmm?' about them, but I think they are growing on me.

Time will tell on these.....
Just had to remove the red one...I didn't order it! Oops!