Sunday, 23 November 2008


It seems there are some of you have found my previous posting of, 'how I quilt', useful. I am really pleased about that, it makes what I do worthwhile. I hope you will give it a go, be it one part or all of it. You have to trust me on what I put here, it works for me, so I cannot see it shouldn't work for you.

If you read the comments to that post you will see there is one from BABS. Now, I am posting a picture of the quilt she has designed for Popular Patchwork BOM here for you all to see. Look isn't it gorgeous.
The Singing Garden Quilt

Babs, is not only a Fantastic Quilter, she designs magical quilts, this being one of them. I am hoping she will be doing another BOM for the magazine, if not next year, very soon. I can imagine she is a brilliant teacher, she does classes and I have seen the pictures from some of them, you can too, if you go to her blog. It's a really good read so get a cup of tea.....
Lots of the ladies in the forum are making this quilt, I am a very late starter, this is the quilt I am going to make, [well, some of the blocks, hope you don't mind Babs;] with the fabric I have been waiting for.
Did I tell you it has arrived, the fabric I mean, wahey. I am ready to start now. Just got to work out which of the blocks I am going to 'lift' from the original design, I am going to keep the alternate blocks, I love that effect. Mine will be a wall hanging rather than a Quilt, I tend to make more of those as I love to chop and change my wall displays regularly.
Here are the fabrics. I have to say, when I first opened the package, I was a teensy bit 'hmmm?' about them, but I think they are growing on me.

Time will tell on these.....
Just had to remove the red one...I didn't order it! Oops!


Babs Banter/QUILTECH said...

'Ee, Janet,
Methinks tha'st gone overboard and laid it on with a shovel.

Remember I'm from Lancashire - land of 'ee by gum, black pudding, hot pot, mushy peas and am allus partial to a bit of tripe!!

Naw lass - tha' can play wi't Singing Garden all tha' wants. Tha'll mek a reet good job of it am sure and mek me proud of thee.

What's tha waitin' fer?

Olde Babs

jan said...

Oh Babs, you see what I mean everybody, she is a laugh a minute.
No Way is it shovelled as you say, you ARE a very talented lady, accept it gracefully.
Ive got to wait for tomorrow to wash the fabrics, hubby asleep, don't think he would appreciate me doing the washing right now. hahaha :-)
You don't reely talk leek thet does ye? Oh I cant do it.

~ Phyllis ~ said...

That is a beautiful quilt. I could listen to you two ladies talk back and forth all day.