Thursday, 20 November 2008


OK, I have rang!! the shop and my fabric should be there on Friday, so hopefully - please - I should get them next week. Goody good.

Yesterday, oops, Tuesday, I didn't feel too good and went to bed at 8 in the evening, unheard of for me, I had to be ill. I had a vicious headache so decided best just go and try and sleep it away. Well, I slept for 12 and half hours, good grief. When I got up in the morning I felt drunk, I was to woozy from laying for so long. Feel loads better now headache all gone, legs achy a bit though, as laying down does not help my knees.

Trying to contact a friend in Ireland but am having awful trouble getting her, I don't understand why this is. If you are reading this maybe you can help me out M. Also difficult getting my other friend E. What's going on?

The fabrics I won I shall endeavour to get pictures here tomorrow, well today I guess. Have been busy quilting quilting quilting.


Reflections of life and art said...

Sorry to hear you were ill with a nasty headache....that was the best thing to do....glad your feeling better tho.
Hopefully your friends will read your post and contact you soon!


jan said...

I hope so too.