Monday, 17 November 2008


Today has been one of those horrid ones that kind of creep up on you. I didn't get any post, so no fabric today, or the special buttons I ordered. Bother, bother, bother.

Went to view a different Hall for my groups meeting on Saturday --- our booking had been double booked by the caretaker to a wedding, so I have missed out there. Bit cross actually as we booked it in April, I have worked really hard at getting everything ready for this the biggest meeting of the year for us. If it weren't for the fact it is a wedding, I would insist on having the hall. But there you go. I cant compete with a Bride. ---

Anyway, went to view this other place,---after Suzanne had been phoning round everywhere, all weekend, to try and get somewhere, fat chance really this time of year!

Well now; if you put aside the potholes in the car park, the fact it is about 3miles from our normal place we meet, the windows --- did I say windows??? --- are boarded up, the floor is tiled [think people slipping!!] the kitchen is along a corridor away from the action, no stage, I guess you would probably say its an OK sort of hall. Yeah, rite!

Sorry Suzanne, I know you tried really hard for me, but I just cant go there, fraid not, not for my ladies. I couldn't take the responsibility of the car park, especially after chappie said,
"there are gangs of lads around."

They may, they may not have problems there, I am not willing to take the risk. SO, sadly, for only the second time since I started this group. I have had to CANCEL. :-(
I am so disappointed about this, as it is the last meeting of the year for us, and we have such a great time at this one particularly. So......

I have decided we will have our Christmas meeting in February next year. Why not! Could be fun. Will certainly be different.

This evening I went onto PP site and found I had won some Christmas fabrics, along with Ruth and Brenda. So at the end of this day I have a smile on my last.. Thank you PP.


Sue said...

Hi Jan, just letting you know that I received the bag you sent, love the colours. You can be sure that it will get lots of use. Thanks for having the draw.

Hope you have better luck for your Christmas meeting in February.

Sue M

~ Phyllis ~ said...

Hi Jan,
Sorry about the horrible day, but glad you won the fabrics.

Lynn said...

I like how you resolved your terrible day and nice it ended with goodies coming your way!

jan said...

Hello Ladies, thank you all for your thoughts. I too hope it will be a good Christmas in February!!!!
My fabrics were a welcome gift on a dreadful day. Thoughts of how to use them are now swimming in my head.