Friday, 7 November 2008


At last I have my appointment for my Neck to be looked at.

9th January 2009.

Good ere init?

Welcome to my new follower, Nancy.


Reflections of life and art said...

Ok it's only Nov. 6 here how can it be Friday already...hehehe! Oh I see it's only 12:31 A.M....that's how....go to bed lady!

jan said...


Anonymous said...

Hi Jan, sorry for the long absence! Oh my goodness, that is a long wait until January to have your neck looked at! I wish you the best. Also, Thanksgiving time here in the States, and I am thankful for YOU!

I haven't forgotten your dragonfly! Started it, put it aside and haven't gotten back to it yet. You zip along and accomplish so much, and I dawdle and procrastinate and misplace things and get distracted and on and on.

Love your blog....

Sue /ca
aka quiltpixie (sometimes it shows as fabricpixie, but my password isn't working again today!)

jan said...

Hi there Sue /ca
long time no hear. I am so pleased you are back with me. Missed you :-( Yep the old neck is giving me quite a bit of gip lately but got stronger pain killers, they help. Am wondering now if anything will be done when I do get there. Oh well, we shall have to wait and see.
Glad you like the Blog. Don't stay away too long next time :-) lol