Tuesday, 4 November 2008


I was so lucky today, I received a card from a new friend I have made in the PP group. Tessa, has sent me her first ever fabric postcard and it is beautiful. She was nervous of making these as she has never done them before, and wanted to send me a practice one. So aren't I lucky, I just love receiving the first ever cards from people. I haven't scanned it into the computer as yet, [idiot me] First job tomorrow. You are going to love this card as I do.

Been a strange evening, haven't managed to get anything at all done, messed about basically, a bit of this and a bit of that. Cross with myself for wasting an evening. I did manage to get one of the give away quilts tacked up this afternoon. I don't normally tack my quilts for quilting, I use the quilters safety pins, but my daughter has my pins and I don't like to ask for them back as she has so much to do. So I thought I'd just get on and tack one to see how I got on with it. Will hopefully start the quilting tomorrow, not waste another evening. Then I can let you know how I got on with the tacking!!!!

Also, only received one email, that is most odd. There are normally at least 12 - 15 waiting for me.
Is there anybody out there?
Picture of Tessa's card tomorrow.

This coming weekend, my friend Di is off to Devon, her son is getting married. Woohoo. We are looking after her dog for her so he doesn't have to go into kennels. Here is a picture of him.

His name is Curly.


Lynn said...

I think we are all glued to our televion sets watching the last minutes of this amazing Presidential Campaign. I am also sewing, and enjoying creating.

I used your bag/my gift bag from you to take my scarves and purse to the art gallery! And just pulled out the purse and sold it immediately to someone there doing a painting class. Thanks again for sending me this magic bag.

jan said...

So pleased you found a use for it Lynn. Maybe a lucky selling bag for you!! Who knows, stranger things have happened.
I shall be really pleased when all your election hoohah is over. I expect it is going to go on for
sometime yet though!!! :-(