Monday, 10 November 2008


Last night I started the Postcard for Tessa from Popular Patchwork Forum. I have I am pleased to say, finished it. The theme was HOLIDAY, as I don't go away, I have done a picture of a place we went to on a day out. Mini holiday as it were!

We went to OLD HUNSTANTON, my GD had been there with the school on a day trip and she said how nice it was, soooo, we did likewise, and I fell in love with the place. I really need to win the lottery now, because, this is the Lighthouse there, it is right by the sea, and guess what?? It is for sale. A mere snip at £650,000.00
So this is what I decided to do for the swap.

And this, is my version of it. Hubby said I should have used Blue for the sky....actually, hubby dear, I used sky fabric, I did think I had guessed right for the position of the Light house, but it was not to be, bother, bother, bother. O well, a lesson learned. I just didn't want to use a solid blue. Hope you can see the Lighthouse!

Hope Tessa likes it.


Di said...

Another excellent card you clever person!!!!

jan said...

Hiya Di, You just wouldn't believe it, but Tessa has done a light house too, how spooky is that? I wont be getting her card though, I have seen it, it is brilliant. These ladies said they hadn't done postcards before, hmm, methinks someone was telling porkies!!!! Not sure I should have posted this yet, hope Tessa doesn't come here before she gets her card. I will have to wait in future.

jan said...

Lighthouse....not light house!! Oops. :-)

~ Phyllis ~ said...

I love the scene. Lighthouses are so cool. You are very talented.

jan said...

Ahh Phyllis, you have to see this Lighthouse through that archway, it is just perfect, I really must win the lottery. Ohhh I can see me there. :-)

Maggie R said...

Oh Jan... What a beautiful shot, and the transformation into a postcard.....You clever gal you!!!
I just love it!

jan said...

Thank you Maggie.